Disclaimer: I am not looking for quick answers to avoid my own research so please do not give me the patronizing "if you would just google it" answer I've seen on other posts. I'm also doing my own research, Thanks.

I came across a few articles today about Celtic Goddesses. One article said that Danu and Anu were two names for the same deity and she is Mother Earth. Another said they are the same name, but she is a river goddess. Another said they are similar, but are not the same. Yet another said they are shadow selves of each other.

Have you heard of her before? What do you know? What resources can you recommend about her and other Celtic deities?

Thank you and Brightest Blessings,

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She was a river goddess but that is really belittleing a river goddess. The river goddes is the symbol of life for the people associated with that river. Later, the tribe of Danu..The Tuatha de Dannan inhabited Ireland and so she became the godess of that tribe.

Back in the day...People did not worship personified gods but Natural gods like the sun , moon, mountain, river....She is an old godess associated with nature, and therefore the tribe that depended on that river.
"She was a river goddess..." I am assuming you mean Danu, whom you referenced later. Do you know anything about the name Anu?

Thank you for your input. I have read some about Danu being Ireland's mother goddess and of The Tuatha de Dannan. The river being the symbol of life (which was left out) makes sense with her being a mother goddess.


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