HI! So I have been having a bit of a dilemma for quite some time now. Now this might sound a little weird but all of my serious boyfriends whom I've lived with all start having these dreams about demons. Now I don't date casually, when I'm with them its for the long haul (hopefully) so all of these guys I've either known for years or have been with them for over a year when the dreams start to happen. Now the reason it is concerning to me now is because the last two guys didn't believe in the paranormal at all. I have lived with the paranormal since childhood and it seems to run with my family so its the norm to me, but when things start attacking my loved ones its time to put an end to it. I'll put in the description of the dream produced by my atheist boyfriend who was genuinely freaked out the morning after.

"The house was all blue and violet, warped. You were freaking out in the bathroom, only there were no appliances or counter or shower, just one wall of mirror. You had a ton of open cuts like razor blades that are on your hip all over your body and they were bleeding so bad. You were screaming and I tried you calm you down but you said, "isn't it obvious?" Your hair all fell out and you grew horns on the back of your head, curled big ones like a goat, bloodred eyes, claws and sharp teeth, and cried out "I'm a demon!" And then stabbed my chest with your claws, bit my throat and ripped my head off. Your voice was so intense when you said you were a demon. It was like a cry for help mixed with metal screeching and deep demon growls and shit"

That is what he said word for word when he texted me the description. My previous boyfriend and a very similar dream and the other didn't dream that I was the dream rather a demon disguised as a girl tried seducing him. I just don't know what to make of it any more. I have a theory that its either me projecting onto them in times of turmoil in our relation ship or I have something that follows me and wants me to be alone. But Honestly I have no clue. So I am asking for any help I can get weather its someone with similar experiences or opinions on how to stop it. Anything can help Thank you!

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You will get your share of spam and flaming for this being your

first post on this site , Kendall , being honest with you...

Yet , given that this could very well be a serious request , here

is my serious answer...what could be called a "demon dream" ,

is most definitely an emanation from the subconscious , and the

back of the head , dealing with the "Reptile Brain" , R - Complex ,

and cerebellum , pons , and medulla oblongata...

On an esoteric level , it would denote one who has opened a "portal"

to the otherside , without a control on what comes through...

However , in your particular case , it sounds like there is a fear factor ,

regarding closeness or commitment , which begins as you say , about a

year into the relationship...fear is a reaction , and emotion , linked to first

chakra territorial domain , as well the reptilian brain...( if one chooses to

believe in chakras )...

Thus , it could be a protective modality which as you perhaps feel you are

losing your individual sense of self more and more , and reaching a merging 

point in the relationship , there is a subconscious rebellion...

My advice :

See a well chosen professional , with experience in deep psychology , and

integrative analysis...and perhaps someone experienced in Reichian Therapy ,

and breathing techniques...

Yet I would begin with exploring the psychological avenues...

Some people are more susceptible to being open portals for energies , especially

when there could be some deep seated issues regarding anger , betrayal ( self or other )

abandonment , or a whole range of possible emotional dissonance , from childhood ,

forward , to first relationship / love , to the present...

Best to you...do not ignore your need , nor seek your answer on the internet...

See those in a person to person , real life interaction , who are properly trained to help...;)

I think Shawn nailed it on the root of your dilemma. I'd suggest, that maybe, you should try just casual dating for a while.

Shawn’s analysis is pretty good on this. However, I would keep in mind that this is their dreams not yours. Generally, their subconscious is letting them express something that their conscious mind can’t accept. My guess is that you scare the heck out of them, which may or may not have anything to do with you, though the fact that it’s happened to more than one boyfriend suggests that something you’re projecting is triggering them. The fact that you’ve lived with paranormal activity around you all your life means that you’re used to it. You’re not seeing what they’re seeing. What they’re seeing, they can’t accept consciously, but nothing escapes the unconscious, and it’s saying “danger, danger, Will Robinson.”

You might consider looking for someone as comfortable around the weird as you are. Not believing in the paranormal doesn’t actually make you immune to it. It is also possible something is trying to protect you, which may or may not be what you really need. If you have the skill for it, check the spirits around you to see if one is trying to keep you safe by scaring the boys away. Tarot reading is good for this. The behavior reminds me a dog that growls and snaps at anyone who gets too close to their owner.

I tend to agree with a lot of this, but I'd like to add to it. There is certainly an "archetypal" component that the boyfriends are experiencing here, which I suspect, as has just been mentioned, has to do with the fact that your boyfriends are not accustomed to the sensory and unconscious effects of an occult environment. No matter how consciously open minded they are, if they are not steeped in the philosophy of the occult themselves, they will have a lot of unconscious conditioning from the mainstream religions about what you are into means, even if they are not aware of this negative programming. In which case this is their archetypal experience that you have triggered for them. But if they are all having the same experience, this is certainly curious as you might be playing a role in that projection. I'm curious to know why they are dreaming of you self harming with razors. Have you in the past? Is this information that you have shared with them? Just curious. I think that counseling is certainly a sensible option for continuing relationship problems that have repeating patterns of a negative kind. You may need to explore why you are attracted to men who have these reactions toward you and what the root of that pattern may be. Is there a history of rejection in your relationship experience? Archetypal images such as the images described in the dreams, often represent our unconscious instincts and how they are expressed, and when they erupt in these kinds of negative ways, it is often times an indication of certain neurosis from a Jungian perspective that certainly do require some possible professional assistance if problems persist. Mythic images such as these dreams are the psyches way of coping with stress at a subconscious level.

Possibly pendulum dowsing if you have the patienceforwardslashtalent.


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