Do ALL People Have The Capabilities For Certain.MAGICAL..... Talents,Gifs,abilities?

On many discussions AND in visiting with folks throughtout my travels,with friends,family,many folks do believe ALL people have the abilities ,when worked on,used,perfected to do "certain" things,read auras,see into the future,the past,cross to the spirituial realm,have ESP,etc.. I dont. Thoughts?

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Some people's place on Midgard is to be an example to others... by their actions or in spite of them.
Now, which part exactly of the occultism are you referring to? There are so many things. What are you working on? And did you have any results?
... the "faith" might be more of a hindrance than a help.

And while I have met people who had no spark (so yes some people cannot be taught), anyone whom has ever raised any energy at all can learn the basics. It saddens me though how much absolute gibberish surrounds the basics of learning. Its a wonder anyone learns anything at all, with the nonsense written in most books.

Magick starts with meditation...the removal of the ego, like riding a bike without training wheels. And learning meditation is difficult without guidance.
You simply feel more centered and grounded in yourself,then? Nothing wrong with that
VERY much agree with you,though,myself,I am a magical being
This is why you are the Queen of squirrrels!!
3DDY MAGICK,is indeed communication to me and for me at times.
Yes. What kind varies from person to person.

Then of course there is the question of the person nurturing the gift or they ignore it and let it stagnate.
I agree with you
I believe we all have abilities such as being able to read people for one thing it's our personalities that close that third eye and make us blind to such dormant abilities. For instance if one believes they can sense certain things telepathy etc. than they are the people with the open mindedness to actually activate those parts of the brain that give us those abilities. someone who is a skeptic or a non believer has a closed mind and will never believe and will never experience a psychic event.
This conversation reminds me of Bewitched. When a Witch marries a mortal man and it is obvious that the Witch side of the family is different compared to the natural human that the Witch family has spell like powers while others do not. While I do not agree with this whole scenario some people are born with gifts and in some cases it makes them Super Human magickal or not.
I dont believe in super human either........why?


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