Do ALL People Have The Capabilities For Certain.MAGICAL..... Talents,Gifs,abilities?

On many discussions AND in visiting with folks throughtout my travels,with friends,family,many folks do believe ALL people have the abilities ,when worked on,used,perfected to do "certain" things,read auras,see into the future,the past,cross to the spirituial realm,have ESP,etc.. I dont. Thoughts?

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EVERY discussion is probably in the archives, by now,new views,points,folks SEACHAIn.keeping the dance going......I see it as such too.....what would separate the magical from the non magical if WE all were the same?? we wouldnt.
Ok,mayhaps rephrase ALL people,IN EVERYONE'S opinion,have the ability for magical skills? I say no.
that would make it too irrelevent. magick for a true user and worker of magick sees it as much more than a interest,more as a fine,perfected ,contually growing ability.,that grows,expands and gets more powerful.
Not really. I've met in my life, for example, people who were really interested in painting or singing. They took hundreds of hours of classes, practised, etc. They just did not have the talent, even if they were working hard to get good at it. It didn't work. And they would wonder why their art doesn't sell, why they couldn't get a gig.

Same in the occult - I've met hundreds of people interested in the occult. Trying hard (I'm not talking here of the wannabes who read a couple books and think they are gurus). I mean people who worked on it really really hard, and after years and years of trying, they had to give it up because it wasn't working.

The interest isn't all. I think it's in the genetic make-up, like all the other gifts.

We are not all the same. Not everybody is born seeing or hearing. No matter how much would a person born blind would try to see, because they are "interested" in it, they will never do.
I see it as you do SEACHAIN,too,sometimes no amount of interest will foster an ability that simply is not there
Lass ... everyone can do magick.. not everyone will ever try more than once. Even fewer will be trying a decade later, and even less still will level mountains. However in the time that a single adept learns to level a mountain, hundreds, thousands, or even tens of thousands of people will excel in other pursuits. That in no way should suggest that any or all of those people can't be trained to raise power and pass energy.

The shamanistic way depends on the followers being able to raise and pass energy.
All considering physical limitations, I do feel that anyone can learn, but some people will always excel more than others and seem to have a 'natural' knack for understanding.
Personally I believe that a result of personality and intellect rather than raw ability.
In my opinion, 'Magick' is nothing more than a higher form of communication...and what may be considered as 'Magick' to some people is nothing more than a better understanding to another. And as it has been explained by a few here, some people just have a 'natural ability' for understanding and creating, as compared to another. I was able to sit down and play the piano at a very early age without any lessons, and can still play better than most people who have practiced all of their lives. A person can try to rationalize something through science, but the fact remains that there are still too many unknowns and spiritual aspects that are involved, and it just seems odd to me that a person would try to rationally deny that some people just seem to have natural born talent, when we have seen what genetic breeding can accomplish and has proven.
I think that when science opens it's mind up more to the spiritual possibilities that our minds and Spirit are residing in a human shell that is physically controlled through electric impulses that we supply to the brain, which acts as our central computer for controlling this human shell, then maybe a better understanding could be recognized; as opposed to rationality through tangibility, and always thinking inside the box.
ugh... even I can learn to draw circles on a page, but the final picture might not be a Picasso... :)

But anyone can be taught the basics.
We are all unique in our own separate ways…
Some have heard it said that, 'the mind (or spirit) is willing, but the body (or flesh) is weak'. Some people are born more physically capable of doing things than others, and also, some people are born mentally more capable than others. With this said, it is easy to recognize that some people are born with certain advantages over others. Considering that our Spirit is hindered some by the limitations of our physical bodies that we reside in, and if a person's brain might not be wired as well as another person's, then that extra physical hindrance, on top of how much of their surrounding culturally brainwashing that they might absorb to close their minds to an extra form of communication that can be referred to as 'Magick', then it can be readily seen by me that some people are naturally more capable of so-called 'mastering' an ability or talent more than another.
Some dogs are bred to be naturally adapted or born to have certain talents, like herding sheep or hunting. These natural talents are almost pre-coded into their brains before birth, as passed along through generations of physical breeding. With this said, it can also be noticed that some people just seem to be naturally more 'gifted' then others in certain separated talents; for example music or drawing...some people are just naturally more talented at the arts than others, no matter how hard another may try to master through training. I am more apt to believe that this natural talent has been passed down through a physical genetic code of conditioning that in my opinion is linked to the human brain, rather than it being a talent that was created out of environmental conditioning from birth. Sure, extra training will definitely enhance these talents, but in my opinion it doesn't 'create' the talent.
In my opinion, it can become a bit of a struggle for a person’s Spirit or mind to adjust for the physical hindrances of the brain, in order to filter out the trash that tries to block out the purity of possibilities. One such trash is the upbringing as a child from a society that tries to infer that we are not capable of such things. Sometimes, the brain needs to be put at ease, in order to let the mind (or Spirit) establish true communication for control.
I also feel that some Spirits are stronger than others. This also could have been brought about through what kind of Life they have experienced over time and the different circumstances and knowledge that they have acquired. So, if we do indeed reincarnate by choice, it could easily be seen that an older more experienced Spirit with more knowledge and understanding could more readily pick up on certain abilities or so-called talents than others, but still can be limited to the brain and physical attributes that was offered to that Spirit for a human shell.
From my perspective, all people must have some ability or sensitivity, no matter how small. Every animal I've ever seen does. That's how they can so easily read our emotions (if they're pets), and know when certain people aren't friendly, or that there's something or someone else in a dwelling that's other worldly. Humans were once considered animals or primates of some kind, if you believe in evolution, and must have similar sensitivity.Therefore, all humans have some sort of ability. You don't have to be able to See or communicate or read auras or whatever, but there's always something. Most people just don't use it.


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