Do ALL People Have The Capabilities For Certain.MAGICAL..... Talents,Gifs,abilities?

On many discussions AND in visiting with folks throughtout my travels,with friends,family,many folks do believe ALL people have the abilities ,when worked on,used,perfected to do "certain" things,read auras,see into the future,the past,cross to the spirituial realm,have ESP,etc.. I dont. Thoughts?

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AGREE,but my premise is not ALL people have natural gifts,period
Can't say I would disagree on that. I have a best friend whom I doubt has any natural gifts. He is so blank in that way I doubt any amount of practice would help him. Can't imagine he would be the only person like that, so yes, I agree with you.
"my premise is not ALL people have natural gifts,period"

I think I would disagree with that. But, I would agree that not ALL people have natural spiritual gifts as many people would probably define a spiritual gift. Personally, I think that most "gifts" whether psychic or otherwise can be considered spiritual depending on how you choose to look at it.
What natural gifts do you believe ALL people have?
I don't think everyone has gifts, at least in my experiences I have found that some people do not. Or they choose to not use them. I know a couple people who worked hard at learning how to do tarot, but they sometimes still lack the intuition that comes a long with being able to do it.
i am of the belief system that we are all blessed with certain abilities. However, given today's society, these abilities are suppressed because they are seen as fictional to a highly scientific people. Some people are raised to nurture their abilities, others come into them as they follow their path. Personally, I have found myself a healer and an empath, but I didnt figure this out until I was about 16 or 17. I was raised catholic and so these sorts of things never existed to me until i learned more about it in my preteen years.
Good to love,enjoy and practice your abilities!!
definitely! Practice makes perfect.
For ALL of you that believe ALL people have the abilities,why do you believe this? If ALL people used these abilities,then where is the magick? Would the whole world be witches and spellworkers?
Most people will never use magick, because they're not interested in spending the decades (I mean that too) to become good at it. When I mean good at magick, I really do mean obvious real tangible results.
This question has been asked before, several times, but I know how hard it is to find it in the archives.

My answer is - No.

The same as not everybody can paint, sing opera, sculpt, learn foreign languages, etc (everything that involves a talent/gift), no matter how much they would "hone" the skill, the same is for the occult talents/gifts.


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