I’m trying to identify these symbols. 

Any help or leads are appreciated.



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No , that was not something we "normally" would do...


However , there was a man...can't think of his name ,

but it was on one of the sites I have been on...


Who formed trees into very particular shapes...


Over years...


No , we just bent small supple branches , or twigs ,

or even broke them , without pulling them apart...


Just enough to form a rune , or shape desired...;)

Regarding some of the bit of discord here, I’m open to all ideas. 

The more input the better.

Thank You.

Agreed...I am open to all ideas as information to add to the

whole...we all have valuable info , no need to argue...


I would like to hear , if these are Perthro , and Algiz ,

what would they mean to others ?


I know some from my reading and studies...


Yet that would add to your knowledge base , HereNow...;)

Seeing patterns that repeat themselves in nature is normal.  If you look throughout nature from the smallest thing to the largest galaxies you will find repetition.  Science is now trying to catalogue the geometric shapes that occur in nature and what combinations would look like and what structures their existance.  The shapes of the nebulas and gasses resembling things that we see is no coincidence.  If they figure this out we will be on the road to knowing what really exists and may be able to understand what really happened to form our universe.  Energy can also have structure and it's structure can shape the gasses and cosmic dust.  There would have to be a code or particle somewhere within the gas that forms the genetic shape of the structure.  When we eventually blow up this world we may create strange shaped gas and dust structures in space.  These could form holograph like images for those who view them.  We will also send DNA into space to start new life on other planets.  I don't worry about these things that we cannot change, I prefer to observe what is happening and learn from the mistakes of mankind.  After all, I have been placed into this reality to learn from it. I may as well learn as much as I can before I eventually die.

Ok, I’m a dog digging for a bone. 

This week I found a signature - actually not a signature, but a Native American Woman’s “mark” - on a deed from the early 1600s.

It looks kind of like a combination of symbols A and B above.  She was signing away land for cheap, mostly because all of her people had died from the diseases the Europeans brought here to Massachusetts at that time.


Here is her mark.  I’ve rotated the angle to match the symbols above.




Then the next thing, I found the same damn mark in documents from an archeological survey in the 1930s.

These marks were carved on a rock near the area I’m researching.


So, with the hurricane and politics and the other bs on PS, I’m going to slip this in:

This woman and her family are talking to me.  Through dreams, journeys, signs in the woods – they are leaving me “notes” and keeping me on the trail of whatever research I’m here to do. They are showing me something and I’m doing my best to listen and share.

Here’s the rock, probably chipped at the time the whites were “Christianizing” the Original People living here, using the fact that up to 90% died from the plague as “proof” that the white’s god was best.





I see Algiz, Gebo ("X" in the middle combined w/ Algiz), and Isa (sideways at the bottom), even Kaunaz could be included (point up & attached to the sideways Isa or point down touching Isa). Perthro isn't even a consideration as it does not "close in on itself".



Your idea of Perthro does not...does not mean

that is the only way it is...prove it...;)

My perspective.

A: Might be a representation of a skymap, ie the path of a celestial body across the sky over a period of time. Or a ideographic representation of a similar idea, or a boundary. It's difficult without any other symbolic context to compare it to, weigh it with.

B: To me, strikes me right off as a stylized horned animal head. Might be a representation of a godform of some kind, or spirit. But, my caveat of without other symbolic context, its very difficult to be even vaguely cryptically unsure about it.

C: Could be anything, depending on the source and context. I find it kind of interesting that most jump right to the runes with this image. I can see it, but I can also see images and symbolism from half a dozen different sources here...

If taken as a pure ideogram, it could be a prism, or lens, either focusing or splitting light. Or a crude representation of the Etz aChayimm, the Kabbalic tree of life, at least the Ain Soph Aur and top three Sephiroth. There's also the alchemical symbol for fire here. so I see, fire and smoke, possibly with a symbolic person, either meaning cleansing purifying flame, or sacrifice etc. It might also be a symbolic representation of incense, or offering. with Fire, and the fuel, and the three lines rising towards the heavens...
It also has a striking resemblance to the Alchemical Symbol for Bismuth Ore.

I also see maybe a symbol for a rising star, the rays of light over a horizon...

Stretching the boundaries of matrixing and pattern precognition.... I can also see a Chaostar with the Horizon fallen, going hand in hand with the rising star image....


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