Do they offer recycling in your home town or city?

They offer here but not everyone here uses it.

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Its not an option here. We drive over 30 miles to recycle cans.
Nope.  The nearest place to take recyclables is WalMart...they have the big bins in their parking lots, but that's several miles away. Aluminum cans can be taken to the metal recycling place...along with other metal things...they purchase steel, copper, aluminum, etc.  you have to separate items though...such as remove all plastic or rubber parts from an appliance, that sort of thing.  Used to be a place a few miles away that took newspapers and corrugated cardboard, but it's gone.  It's criminal in my opinion to not have these places available! I thought it was a law anyway that towns had to offer curbside recycling...seems I read that some time ago.  Go figure...
Curbside pickup of glass, plastic, aluminum and tin.  There's a hefty fine if one gets caught putting glass in the trash can.  Both are picked up on the same day.

We have fortnightly alternate pick up of the recycle bin and the green bin..

I live in MA and they are serious about recycling in my town.  God forbid you place an item of "trash" in the recycle bin by get a bright yellow notice stuck to your the whole neighborhood knows you are an offender lol and a note in the mail regarding your bad behavior...and they check your recycling stuff before they take it from that point on.  They even threaten to take the recycle bin (that e bought) away from you if you make another mistake. It's a little over the top for my taste.
In my area we have three bins, one is blue and for cans/boxes/bottles or anything recyclable, one is brown, for vegetable waste/garden waste, to be composted, and the other is black, for anything that doesn't go in the first two.  The bins are emptied on a rotation.
We have it here, they do curbside pickup twice a month, thankfully. I think recycling should be something all places offer, even though I know it's not :(
Its the same way here.
We have a good (enough) recycling program on Maui. We take all our stuff to the transfer station, metal, all plastic, all cardboard, a HUGE green waste thing. Sadly, its a land fill, and the only thing processed here is the green waste. Everything else gets shipped to the mainland. On a huge barge. That burns lots of fuel. Some people fill that the shipping of recyclables is worse than burying it in the ground.

Every city I've lived in had a recycling system. The last town I lived in also had organic waste removal or "Green Bins". Oh how I miss those, especially when I cut the lawn.


We take full advantage of recycling systems provided.

I believe it is important to recycle but some towns need to lighten up a bit...the world will not stop turning if a napkin gets tossed in with the cans...OMG!!!


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