personally i do not, I was taught early on that some are ment to walk in the light and some are ment to walk in the dark.


I know it sounds like such a silly concept but bare with me.


i was raised Roman Catholic, and luthran. some of you know what that means. "if it's not god its evil." *rolls eyes*


thankfully i spent alot of time around my great grandmother a UTE indian, she started my jorney downt he spirit road at a young age and opened my eyes to a world that most die without ever even knowing of.


in grade school on up i was what some deamed a chearfull goth, "i always smiled, i always wore black, and i was normally found in a dark corner some where reading things that where "Forbidden" by my family.  The book of lillith was the first one, and i havn't stopped learning since then.


but apon my studies i have learned that the fallowing are true from my perspective.


not all things born of darkness are evil, and by no means are all things born of the light good.


I have had many teachers in my time all of htem have passed on very important lessons, but none more than a preacher of mine when i was 15 and strugling with the Churches idea of what the creator was.


he told me "that no one that walks in the light can ver know gods true beauty because we are blinded by his light. But those that live in his shadow may see all that he has done will do and does. For the masterpices that they are."


a few weeks after that i left the church and havn't looked back, because while  the light is good for some, i've found comfort in the darkness, I've found guides in things that most would never talk to out of fear, only one i call a deamon the rest are just diffrent.


I am a firm believer in balance, even if my own is rather chaotic at any given moment. i rather enjoy it that way. it keeps things intresting.


But, i am curious to know. Just what it is others think and feel?  after all sometimes the insights of others help to open doors that we never knew existed within our selves.

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Agreed Arcane. I am quoting the first two lines because they really struck me!
Same. Thanks :D
I'm inclined to agree with you, alot of it has to do with personal umm feelings is the best word i can think of at the moment.

not all things born of darkness are evil, and by no means are all things born of the light good.


Excellently said......


Though if you ask most lighter practicers they will never admit that there can be anything good within the dark ways. I personally think most of them are scared of what they do not understand.

that my friend is simply human nature, even i'm afraid of somethings, just cause i don't know what to make of them.


Here is something interesting in relation to this thread: just out today, Biology of Crime: How Criminal Minds Are Different From Yours. Now would you suppose such people are predestined to have rotten lives, living the live of a sociopath, or is this life a punishment for living rotten past lives? In any case, however they try to justify living the life of a sociopath, they will suffer for it.

Also it is logical that the forebrain would be deficient in sociopaths since that is the part of the brain where the executive functions reside that keep negative behavior in check.

Neural plasticity is the term used when talking about how our experiences will actually shape and rewire the brain. It seems experiences from past lives will also shape how the brain is formed in this life. In other words I think when someone started heading down the path, in previous lives, leading to sociopathic behavior, then when they were reborn in this life, their previous disposition will also have a neural plastic effect on the natal development of the brain.

And so I would say they were meant to live life on the dark side, but as a punishment to learn the consequences of uncontrolled behavior.

"Nothing is either good or bad, but thinking makes it so."-Shakespeare Hamlet


In my personal opinion, nothing is inherently anything. Everything is given qualities like "good" or "bad," "evil" or "good," any objective signifier, by the observer. One person's good is another's bad and so forth.

Good, evil, light, dark, its all a matter of prespective.


oh and the quote is priceless :) wisdom of the ages i'd say :)

beautifully said :)

Must agree with alot of the comments said so far, and honestly going to add the same thing to the discussion but just from experiance and also a bit of study.....and don't worry I am not going into detail...


Personally, always figured darkness not to mean evil or something bad, but just basicly in the shadows.....I have been considered a dark omen by many because I am not a good or bad omen, just a sign of things to come but unknown as to what will happen following the moment.


  It's never right to just assume by how something seems that it must be so because technically alot of the best historical moments happened with a sort of darkness, it wasn't understood and at first was thought to be bad....but as things change, an outlook can also change....everyone just needs to take time to understand before judging. Then again that's just my two cents.

heart felt and well learned opinions are often the most true of all, thank you very much for sharing that, though i have to admit i think i've heard that second parragraph somewhere before.


I just can't place my finger on it. Oh well if it was truely important i would remember, but still they are sage words indeed. and thank you for sharing them :)


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