Description: Dark haired, either deep brown or black and relatively long. Wearing a long green robe with light colored hem of gold or silver. Lunar energy/possibly night energy. Possibly a mother/mature aspect. Wearing some sort of head band/circlet around head.

If there is a goddess you know that sounds similar to this, please let me know a little about them!

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Sounds like Tonantzin, the Aztec mother goddess, who later became the Virgin of Guadalupe. Green with gold are fertility colors of Ancient Mexico. Lots of information on the internet.

It could be the celtic goddess Elen of the ways?

I would say that I get earthy vibes as well, but I'll say that I get more of a coniferous forest type of wild earthy feel.

Danu The Celtic & Gaelic Goddess also associated with the Tuatha-De-Dannan. ?

Aphrodite-Isis? IN the Roman period, Isis became associated with the moon. 

Could be the Mother Goddess, that is what I call her.

Hausos fits some of your description. Anu might be a match as well. 

This description sounds so familiar but,its like hearing a song someone has turned down almost to 0 volume wise and only hearing a part of the music and some of the vocals but not being able to catch all the words just the tone of them without understanding the words themselves.

Do you already have a personal goddess?
perhaps its your personal goddess taking a form she knows that appeals to you, the way you would picture her yourself.

I once dreamed about the 3 forms of my goddess. I never imagined I could see my goddess taking such a form but later thought maybe it was just a combination of her human appearance and one of her favorite animal forms. in my dream she was a beautiful coffee and cream type black girl with a beak growing from where the dimpled area under the eyes starts all the way to the end of her face and she had a stone like bowl shaped helmet on her head with runes on it and ram like horns that were either part of the helmet or growing where the ears would be on the maiden they just had barely culing point,the mother had longer curl to hers aand the crone had the horns curling all the way around in the spiral ending in a point. until then I always thought of her just as a white woman wearing a mantle or cloaak of raven feathers. if you do have a peersonal goddess she may be trying to manifest to you. if you see her again try asking her naame.

I will! Thank you for this response. 

I think this is "my" goddess showing herself to me, I had a god do the same and identify himself as Herne/Cernunous, so I'm thinking its quite possible this is a celtic goddess. She just hasn't been very... directly communicative? Like she's not so into conversation as much as just sending me a "knowing" of something.

That being said I think it maybe Danu, though I'm still working on it!

"...I could see my goddess taking such a form but later thought maybe it was just a combination of her human appearance and one of her favorite animal forms."

Yes, my goddess appeared in my dreams with an anthropomorphic form. Human shape with spider features. Quite unusual. She helped me through some difficult situations both in my mundane world and in the astral plane.


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