I was wondering who out there lives a less than traditional lifestyle. By alternative lifestyle I mean a lifestyle that the majority would find strange or weird or taboo. (ie live in an open marriage, are a nudist, live in an ecovillage, swingers etc.)


I am cerious to hear about those of you who do because I could use some support! I will very soon be living an alternative lifestyle myself. I will be living in a longdistance marriage. (no hes not in the military) I will be getting married in june but me and my soon to be husband will be living 2 hours or about 100 miles apart. Now most of my family has been nothing but supportive and completely understand our reason for needing to do this arrangement temperarly (for at least 2 years but probably not more than 5). Although not all of my family is so understanding. I have a sister that clearly looks at this kind of marriage as taboo and not proper and I don't think most of the people around where Andrew will be living would be so understanding either so we will be keeping our marriage a secret untill we can live together again.


So I was wondering how do you out there who live a "taboo/alternative" lifestyle deal with nosie people who find out and ask question especially if you know their wanting to know just so they can judge you and know just how "stange" you are. I just want a little insight as to this kind of thing.



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a burger isn't exactly what our Paleolithic ancestors ate either.

I think your diet that you follow is great i did some research and its considered to be one of if not the healthiest diet out there!! I also recommended this diet to my fiance who is trying to lose weight and wants to eat healthier but is sick of salads everyday.

This isn't really "alternative" but I've noticed that a lot of people look down on people like me.

I am CF.  That is, child free.  I made the decision long ago that I will never get pregnant, or adopt.  I hate children.  I think they're the most awful thing that could happen to a woman.

I frequently get called "selfish" and mean because I don't feel the need to be a mother.

"Well you'll change your mind someday."  No.  No I won't.  I never had dolls as a little girl, I never played house, or babies, or whatever normal little girls do.  I've never even held a baby.  I think that after almost 30 years of life, that my decision is one I'm certain I'll always have.

I don't think children are cute.  I will never compliment a new mother on her spawn.  I won't hold a baby, or get excited over them, or cater to their needs.

Don't let people bother you.

If it's working for you, GOOD.  That's all that matters.  You.

Good to hear that somebody is happy being CF! I have made the decision to not have children, for different reasons, and its a source of conflict for my partner and myself. But with how the American culture is now (I live in the states, its my country and will always be my home base) I just don't feel comfortable letting an innocent go to schools with metal detectors and police, having fear instilled into their lifestyle because were always at war. The violent culture in general too! And then having sex, something natural and wonderful, and holistic healing, taught as taboos. Along with a lot of other stuff that is too much for a discussion post! So I'll hold out on kids (which I really don't find joy from other people's kids. I just hope that if the world gets better and I pop one out, there will be the connection)

I find it difficult to understand how someone could hate children. But since you do, it makes little sense for people to judge you for not having them. No one would say that a person who hates dogs ought to get a dog, so why say it about children?

lol LOVE IT!

I too am child free (by choice) but I don't really think of that as being alternative, although my friends probably think I am by the love of my animal family I have!

Why do you care what other people think about your marriage? As long as it works for you. My brother in laws sister did the same thing you are doing. Her husband bought a house two hours away and they saw him on the weekends (but not all weekends)  - they have three children and it worked out fine for them. They did it for quite a few years but now are back all together and very happy.

My sister has the best reply when someone asks a question you don't want to answer - just say 'why do you want to know?' the majority of the time they stutter and have no reply (I tried it recently when someone asked how much our house is per week, their response had me in internal fits of laughter... he got quite shirty with me for putting it back on him).

Loukas, did your pizza man know in advance you are a nudist? Otherwise I guess that would have been quite a shock for them. I had a flatmate (adjoining flat to our house) who was a bit of a nudist, my friends were most surprised when dropping me off at home at 3am in winter to be greeted by him potting about in the front garden!

I think your lifestyle is great I have always had a secret urge and desire to be a nudist but I am really body concious and even though I get told frequently that I have a great figure I dont always feel like I have a body worth showing off so being a nudist as much as it appeals to me would unfortunatllynot work for me :( (plus I get cold very easily).

that is rude! I am CF but i am CF because it just hasnt happend, I dont feel either way about it sad or happy I just figure if it happens it happens if it doesnt then it doesnt and I also get rude comments like why dont u want kids (then I tell then about how i dont care either way) I usually get well u should have a kid or you need to have a kid (how the hell do they know what I NEED! I dont NEED a kid to feel happy  yet at the same time if it happend I wouldnt be upset about it) People are rude when it comes to CF women!!

Luckily I am still young enough that people do not get upset when I say I have no children.

I grew up not wanting children. I still really dont in a way.....I have met a man that I will be happy to have a child with but I dont want a child till I am closer to my 30's. I want to enjoy my 20's being free, wild and crazy. I am not ready to "settle down"... :)

Arn't we all practicing what the outside would consider a alt lifestyle by being pagan? I mean I view my morals as solid. As long as you harm no one then live and let live. I don't let anyone hassle me on my views of whats acceptable, and defend though around me when it happens to them. I will add one exception I am guilty of: I have a hard time with people who refuse to accept and learn form the wondrous discoveries of science. But even then as long as their not trying to force their disbelief on myself or others, or preventing further advancement. I let them live with what they choose not to accept. We all know what is right or wrong "to us." And that is all that is important!

I did bring that up to my man I told him that people are going to look strangly at him now cuz he'll be married to a "witch" and living 2 hrs apart from his wife (he completely fine with this as well)  


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