I was wondering who out there lives a less than traditional lifestyle. By alternative lifestyle I mean a lifestyle that the majority would find strange or weird or taboo. (ie live in an open marriage, are a nudist, live in an ecovillage, swingers etc.)


I am cerious to hear about those of you who do because I could use some support! I will very soon be living an alternative lifestyle myself. I will be living in a longdistance marriage. (no hes not in the military) I will be getting married in june but me and my soon to be husband will be living 2 hours or about 100 miles apart. Now most of my family has been nothing but supportive and completely understand our reason for needing to do this arrangement temperarly (for at least 2 years but probably not more than 5). Although not all of my family is so understanding. I have a sister that clearly looks at this kind of marriage as taboo and not proper and I don't think most of the people around where Andrew will be living would be so understanding either so we will be keeping our marriage a secret untill we can live together again.


So I was wondering how do you out there who live a "taboo/alternative" lifestyle deal with nosie people who find out and ask question especially if you know their wanting to know just so they can judge you and know just how "stange" you are. I just want a little insight as to this kind of thing.



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Having grown up LGBT when being gay was illegal and potentially lethal, I’m pretty good at being invisible and deflecting nosy neighbors. It helps that both myself and my partner are introverts and natural hermits (hermetic hermits), but that means that our social life consists of family and a select circle of close friends. However, with the rise of right-wing craziness we’ve had to shed some of the friends, so we’re pretty much down to family right now. I’m not sure who’s left to disapprove of any of our alternative styles. I’ve thought about moving to a more liberal town, but that’s probably just “seeing the grass greener on the other side of the fence”. No matter what you do, there will always be someone who disapproves of who you are, so as Richard Feynman was so fond of saying: “What do you care what other people think.”


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