I don't think I do but seeing a photo of me recently I was horrified (crap photo!). I said to dad... God! I'm looking more and more like a witch! He laughed.
Not that there is anything wrong with looking like a witch, just I would have preferred to look like a prettier one...

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Do you 'look' like a witch?

No, I don't think so.

I doubt it. I know I look like a "B-itch" though to some

What does a witch look like? There are so many witches out there who are just regular, normal people. If you are suggesting that maybe Goth clothing makes one look like a witch, I think there may be more to it than that. My wife has a couple of tattoos that may be considered to make her look Pagan. One is a Triple Moon on her upper back between the shoulder blades and the other is an Oak Leaf as she identifies with the Oak and Nature in general. Of course there are times I wear Pagan jewelry but if one is not aware of what a Pentagram Ring, a Greenman Ring, an Oak leaf Earring and one of the Pagan necklaces I own represents, then I may not look very witchy.

not that I claim to be a witch anyway but...

In terms of stereotypes: Do I look like a peasant woman in the middle ages? No. Do I look like a stereotyped goth girl with a large pentacle round her neck wearing a black lace corset and "bohemian" skirt? No. Do I look like a noble Greek woman? No.

Personally I think I look like an average, lower socio-economic, woman in her twenties. Long hair because I can't afford to cut it, cheap thrift shop clothing, a generous figure because I've just given birth to my first child, and my wedding ring as adornment. :-)

A lot of people are confused about my ethnicity to begin with. I do tend to dress with a ton of darker colors, but that's because I think I look best with those colors in combination with my skin tone. Some jewelry I wear is somewhat pagan, but it usually gets passed off as gothy or just "cultured".

Depends on the day I suppose - I might dress more or less "witchy" depending on my mood, though over all I seem to give off a fairly "normal" vibe I suppose. In high school people thought I was a goth when really I just knew that black was one of my better colors, but I've never had anyone assume I was a pagan unless I was making it really obvious.

I think Christine you mean to say "I'm looking more and more like a stereotypical witch!"

As everyone else pointed out - what does a witch look like?

They can look like hippie holdouts or goths or like people who work in legal offices, health care, government offices, bars, play in bands, run charities.  Witches are everywhere and can look like anyone.  

I look like a 100% Witch,enjoy it,live it and have the best time with it.Pretty is how YOU see you,no one else. Enjoy you! 3 Witches here...but honestly? Its the attitude.....and how you embrace it.

This reminds me of when I was in high school. I was apart of a best friend circle of 3, I was the blonde, then the brunette and the red head! I always thought it was magical, but they never seen it that way LOL. So very very pretty you 3 are!!!

How fun! I bet it was magical....THANKS! My dear friends BWITCH and Kat

Nope, I'm afraid not.. I look like the midwestern farmer's daughter and when I speak I'm often asked if I'm a school teacher...

LOL,Lady A! I can be a Red Neck Girl too,growing up in the Dakotas!


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