I don't think I do but seeing a photo of me recently I was horrified (crap photo!). I said to dad... God! I'm looking more and more like a witch! He laughed.
Not that there is anything wrong with looking like a witch, just I would have preferred to look like a prettier one...

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Watching the Patriots now,kicked the Texanss ass

This is Sybil Leek... looking rather ordinary... later as she got older and started doing public appearances she began to where capes and long flowing caftans... yet that was in the sixties and alot of people were wearing that stuff as well.

This is me in Inverness Scotland.....Within an hour ,of arriving,I had several people wanting their picture taken with a Scottish Witch.....LOL......In Salem Mass,too,I had folks asking me questions.I just go with it......

with hte exception of Alex Sanders and Anton Levey... all the witches in the doc lok like everybody else.


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