I don't think I do but seeing a photo of me recently I was horrified (crap photo!). I said to dad... God! I'm looking more and more like a witch! He laughed.
Not that there is anything wrong with looking like a witch, just I would have preferred to look like a prettier one...

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I love redneck people.. :)

I'm a Native No Dak,got the belt with my name on it...The nite I met David,we had on the same cowboy boots! LOL

I'm pretty sure I look like a stereotypical goth (with a touch of faerie, perhaps).  The only people who have told me they think I look like a witch are young children, much to their parents' chagrin :P   I never thought of witches as looking like one thing or another, as the ones I know personally have vastly different senses of style.

The ones I know do too,have their own style,look and are as different as can be....The World,I do believe,perceives a certain "witch look"...I had a little boy in Walmart a few days ago,tell me I'm not a very scarey witch, because I was too pretty,LOL. His Dad apologized and I said  What a nice compliment..... I have 9 very visible Celtic Tattoos,and they are great conversation starters. I love talking about my path of Scottish Witchery and my belifs in the Fey....to anyone that asks.What is a "touch" of Faerie?

I think the "touch of Faerie" is partly an overall impression and partly decorative elements (I do like wearing crystals, wearing leaves in my hair, and I'm not above putting on a pair of elf ear tips on occasion...in fact I've considered getting the actual ear tip surgery done.  No joke.)  I'm told by others that there's something about my eyes (some people describe it as a spark, or a "knowing" look)  and the way I carry myself that gives an impression of being half in this world, half somewhere else...of course that might just be a nice way of telling me they think I'm not in my right mind :P

I also tend to draw the attention of various nature spirits and other unseen beings wherever I go, so when people say I have a rather strong, active energy about me, this might be partly what they're perceiving.

NICE! Thanks for explaining. I have a friend that works with the Elven Folk also and has thought about the "ear surgury",too. I have two resident Scottish Brownies around me and i work with the Irish Tuatha Dea and they with me. I believe I was Fey in another realm and life,asI mentioned earlier,my friend Alicen Geddes-Ward,that writes on the Fey,believes we do take on the characteristics.....so do I. I understand. We have an ongoing discussion on FEISTY WITCHES on the Fey,please feel free to add your experiences to it,too.You know,I get that too,half here and half not,one foot in faerie realm.....LOL

No I did not mean to say "I'm looking more and more like a stereotypical witch!" I wondered simply if some people thought they looked like a witch. Personally the goth thing never entered my mind and I certainly am not a goth, in fact I don't own anything black (poses a problem for funerals!).
I have been looking about and think hair has a lot to do with it...!

What does a Witch look like to you?  You haven't really clarified what a Witch looks like to see yourself turning into one.  How can others say if they look like this image, if you haven't really explained it?

When using the Stereotypes, there are many one could point to for references as it relates to the image of the Witch.

^ Is this it?  A guy on Facebook made this for me a while back using a cell phone Ap.  It's the 'Elphaba' Witch from the tale Wicked.

^ Ugly Shyla, Artist

^ Popular Graphic


^Hekate, Ancient Greece

^The Witches, Ancient Rome

^Ghana, Africa



You follow?

I have been looking about and think hair has alot to do with it"......LOL.It can or not.......again,it simply IS the person...depends how one works the hair or not....I work it

Sorry Lass, no hair to speak of...

I favor the headwrap in the summer.  All the kids at HF asked me if I was a 'real' witch.  hehe

My point,exactly Sin. I was thinking of you,no hair versus hair like me.....And dont we both "look Witchey" You rock the no hair look....Its the attitude.I use the hair and enjoy it


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