I don't think I do but seeing a photo of me recently I was horrified (crap photo!). I said to dad... God! I'm looking more and more like a witch! He laughed.
Not that there is anything wrong with looking like a witch, just I would have preferred to look like a prettier one...

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So being 'Witchy' is an attitude?  Hmmmm  I wonder why the OP believes she's looking more witchy everyday?

Maybe she IS getting the "I am a Witch" 'tude.....and embracing it. Witchy attitude is a fine thing for many of us. That overall persona of being who we are to the fullest with no apologies to anyone,as I see it. A fine thing. My friend Alicien Geddes-Ward,that writes books on the Scottish Fey,from Orkney,believe we take on the Fey characteristics if we follow the path...me too....

So if you rock the Fae, you become the Fae?  Which Fae?  I mean, that's a lot of weird little critters not just Faeries.  

Thousands of fey,indeed......the one,that the follower embraces. Check her site out and her book FAERIECRAFT.......her husband and herself have an amazing art gallery/museum/teaching facility in Orkney. We were invited to visit,but didnt make the ferry when we were in Scotland. I think her husband Neil is on P S.

Character archetypes vs. physical attributes.  I think that's what the OP was addressing.  

You carry this VERY VERY well! 

Well, I'm not sure if I look like a Witch. I enjoy hippie-ish clothing, but I don't wear it all the time. I do wear necklaces that are Pagan or New Age symbols - one at a time, not all at the same time. Sometimes I'll wear a triskele, other times a pentacle, other times a Goddess...lately I've been wearing a Flower of Life. So, not sure if I look like a Witch, but I have had people identify me as a Witch. Sometimes from my necklace, sometimes not.

Summer of 2011 - I was 18 at the time - I was at a local Concert on the Lawn - not wearing any of my hippie clothing or even a Pagan-style necklace - and I met a woman there, and we got to talking and hanging out during the two days of the concert, and without me saying a word about my spirituality, she guessed that I was a Witch. I've had this happen a couple of times.

So, do I look like a Witch? I'm not sure. Do I exude the "energy" of a Witch? Beats me - but I suppose it wouldn't surprise me. People who spend a lot of time around magickal energy, whether it be through meditation, doing spells, doing rituals, seem to have a certain way about them. 

Since everyone is posting pictures of them, I'll follow suit...

I love the skirt.

The're actually pants! :D

Love em' even more!  

I dress very much like you do Bliss. Love the (Hippie-ish) style! Im not sure I look very much like a witch but Im definitely comfy and colorful! = )

I REALLY like that necklace too...

I guess with the jewellery I wear I may do.... but take off my clothes and I guess my ink might give it away! LOL


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