I don't think I do but seeing a photo of me recently I was horrified (crap photo!). I said to dad... God! I'm looking more and more like a witch! He laughed.
Not that there is anything wrong with looking like a witch, just I would have preferred to look like a prettier one...

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Rafting around Falmouth? That sounds like fun. Would you believe that I lived there for over 30 years and have never been on a raft? They always say that you never know to take advantage of what you have until either others introduce you to and force you to enjoy it or you lose it. I've lost it and I miss it so much.

Enjoy your stay!

Boy ,I agree! I live by Colonial Williamsburg and go there when I take folks visiting us! Same thing....We were in Jamaica once and did the Dunns River Falls tour and our guide sang Jamaican songs all the way on the bus. I had such a "happy" time..and get this.I'm a big fan of the Jamaican Bobsled team,LOL! Do you return and visit now?

:D Would you believe we all dismissed them when we first heard about them  -the bobsled team, that is. We all thought "Well, how are you going to learn to ride a sled when well we've had are banana leaves and slippery mud slopes?" I felt more proud when our soccer team made the World Cup finals in 1998. 

I've been back once since I migrated - Christmas of 2010 when my husband was deployed. I didn't want to spend the season alone so I scraped up some money and went home for 3 weeks. It was HOT! My body has acclimatised to this climate so well that Jamaica is now too hot for me - Kingston, at any rate. Maybe next visit, I'll go stay in the hills somewhere. ;) 

Oh no!That was such a great story!! I'm on their Facebook page,still! I've been to Jamaica in the Winter months Dec,Jan,Feb,and its gorgeous weather...I'd imagine Summers are very hot! My David is retired USAF Maj 21 years too.....Come join my group here FEISTY WITCHES,I'd enjoy chating with you more...

It can get hot, though not as hot as you might think. High 90s is the worst it gets. We were in Texas, so I know that high 90s is still "cool".

On my way to feisty witches... see you there!


How does one "look like a witch?"

By parroting the dress-code of the actresses from the movie "The Craft?"


Because otherwise; I have to admit that I have no idea what you're talking about.

I would think that one of the greatest things about being into Witchcraft or Neo-Paganism is that there's no specific dress-code to follow. It's not a fashion club. When I was into Wicca, I just looked like a normal guy - except for maybe the sometimes excessive Pagan jewelry that I wore. Remember the 4 cardinal virtues of Traditional Craft: "To know, to will, to dare, to keep silent." As for myself - I've always interpreted the last part of that maxim, "to keep silent," as a command to be discrete about your powers. Not because you're ashamed or embarrassed - but because it ensures the success of your magic. I never flaunted my beliefs with fashion or dress - I tried to blend in as much as possible. So I guess it depends on what you mean by "looking like a witch." What should a "witch" look like? Anything? What does a Christian or a Muslim or a Buddhist "look like?" But perhaps that's just me - I enjoy discretion and I loathe all unnecessary attention. But then again, I've never been the type to flaunt.

I'm wondering Christine,WHY would it "horrify" you if you are looking more and more like a witch,though in a picture? Does it bother you being identified as a witch? If so,why?

Noooo not at all! I was just surprised at how I looked (to me!) I am probably more like Jihada and keep quiet about what I do just because that is me, not because I am worried about what people think.

I think that, having read all your answers that everyones depiction of what a 'witch' looks like is very different and personal.... Although CelticLass screams witch to me - love that look! 

AW,thanks for explaining! and how lovely of you to say so!  I see me as more of a wilde Scottish lass just enjoying being me,but many of my fam from days gone by were witches too,so.....HUGS!

Although CelticLass screams witch to me - love that look! 

tee hee Witchy Woman!

I do my best!!  LOL


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