Do you wear pagan jewelry?

If so, what kind of reactions do you get from others?

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Yes I do. I wear an amulet with Cernunnos on it and one (I wish I had a pic) is called the Amulet of Boudica, the sign of courage. People don't really react because they don't know what I am seeings. A couple of people have recognized Cernunnos and thought it was cool, but mostly no one reacts.

I always have to mildly smile at the upside down Moose rune, it takes a short while for me to recognise the 'peace' sign.


Yes, I do, and occasionally I get VIP treatment from those who recognise it. Other times I get into trouble because contemporary culture says that the symbols are occupied by neonazis, and according to over motivated 'antifa', all who wear them must be the 'enemy', too. Thankfully they are rarely fit enough to last in a fight.

Yes. It depends on where I'm working or not working.

I wear either a celtic protection knot or a druid's pentacle, both are silver. The knot has a moonstone above it and hangs from a silver chain. The pent hangs from a necklace of turquoise beads.

Most of the time they are ignored.

I wear a great deal of jewelry on a regular basis. 2 bracelets, 16 rings, 4 necklaces, and some additional rings hanging off of my chain wallet. I make jewelry actually. I like to incorporate crystal based energy magick and talisman creation into all my jewelry, it's not just to look the part. I don't get trouble from people at all, often to my surprise. It's more of an advertisement, since people (non-Pagans) often ask me to make stuff for them after seeing some of the work I've done, and I make some occasional money this way.
yes, some people don't understand my culture, i wear "la corno" as a necklace and they ask me "oh what is that a chili pepper" and i give them the horns and say "nope" it normally weirds them out. and plenty other jewelry that i don't like mentioning.
"they ask me "oh what is that a chili pepper""

That's the modern one, actually is modeled after a chilli pepper. I've always though it resembled a sperm.
i would like to kno what la corno is. enlighten me Please?
Yes, I normally wear a pentacle necklace on a black cord. I do have a pentacle ring, but I don't wear it very often. Reactions from others? Who cares, I do it for me. ;)
nice pentacle! But it looks as though it's made of pewter. That chain may wear the metal down in time, unless you coat the contact area on the pewter with a layer of superglue or something protective.
I also wear Pagan jewelry from time to time. I have never really had any problem, except when my son was in the second grade, and his teacher discriminated against him, and I, for being Pagan. Needless to say, it ended with some re-education through the principal, and I was not bothered again.
Sometimes. I don't wear jewelry often, mostly because I do a lot of physical, manual labor at work and they tend to get in the way.

When I do, sometimes people know and those that do usually follow a similar path, so its a cool moment of recognition. Sometimes I get asked about it, and I usually answer. I ignored two people who gave me the heebie jeebies. When I answer I usually get a simple "cool" or a Jesus speech, but when its the Jesus speech, I just say that they don't have to like my path just as I don't have to like theirs, but I expect to be treated with respect.


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