Do you wear pagan jewelry?

If so, what kind of reactions do you get from others?

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I do. I were a sun and moon amulet all of the time, and add different pieces according to what I want to were. I never seem to get much of a reaction, unless, it's someone who has absolutely NO idea what it is and they ask. Funny enough...I get more of a reaction when I were my turquoise..."Oh, are you Indian?"
i ware a tripple moon with a penticle at its center, mostly no one reacts to it cuz that symbol is no that well known outside of pagan gatherings
exactly, I  wear a triple goddess ring with a moonstone in the full moon and very few even note it

OMG! I think you and I have the same ring! Is it silver and are the sides decorated with antiqued filigree?

I would take a picture, but my camera is missing at the moment.

must not be, mine is very plain, its silver and the sides of the half moons just make teardrop shaped cut outs in the ring
Not the same ring but I think I've seen while shopping on line. ;)
the only thing most people notice is the moonstone
Two of my rings are Celtic knotwork, and I wear a Triquetra necklace and a pentacle necklace.  Most of my friends know I'm Pagan so I don't get any bother, even from Christians :)
I wear pagan jewelry all the time, I even make my own with my own enchantments and charm spells.  I work with the public everyday at a retail job, and I have had some very crazy reactions to it.    I am also reconized by some of my co-workers as the girl with the necklaces. On one occasion I had a guy ask what my necklace ment, than he told me he was a born again christian.  I said how happy I was for him and left it at that.  He knew what i ment but he was tryign to pry.  I also get people like the other day tell me I needed to do a rain dance to get rid of the heat.  Than there was the guy I will never forget as long as I live that told me we needed to go for a broom ride.  He was an older gentle man and he saw the broom in my hand, I had just got done sweeping up a mess with.  I don't really care what people think, I wear what I want and if they have a problem with it they don't need to look, but sometimes you have to laugh at  how they react, or every once in a while you have to vent about the bad ones.

I wear the Cimaruta and a Celtic weave pentacle both. I wear one for each side of my family(Italian and Irish) and have them both consecrated for protection.

Depending on the setting I will be in, sometimes I wear them openly and sometimes I don't. Just really depends on my comfort level at the time. In certain situations I feel it better not to attract attention to myself just to avoid any trouble. Although most people that approach me and ask me if I am a witch/satanist, they are usually understanding once things are explained. However, I have had some people react badly. Even when it was explained, I was still looked at like I was something from a horror movie and I had horns growing out of my head! lol

To me, wearing jewelry can be just a symbol, or be consecrated to be a form of protection. Jewelry don't make the witch/druid/pagan/Christian or any other religion for that matter. It's what you believe and what you put out in the world that makes you who you are. No amount of jewelry can do that. ;)


I do, I have a few pentacle rings and necklaces, as well as various Goddess symbols such as the crescent moon, etc. and a "Star of David" ring, or rather the six-pointed star that is used in High Magic to symbolize the Macrocosm.


Rarely do I get any reactions, to be honest. In this day and age of, "nothing is true, everything is permitted," it takes a lot to get people's attention. Unless you're in a very small and conservative area, people won't notice.

I wear pagan jewelry at least four times every week. I usually get no verbal reaction unless it's from another witch who might say something like: "I like your necklace! Blessed be!"  


Maybe, once in a blue moon, I get a "What's that?", which after I give a brief explanation, is followed by "Oh, okay."


Other than that, mostly nobody pays attention. I can tell when someone is going to 'pray for me' later when they get a disgusted look on their face. Of course, they can bite me. ;)


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