Do you wear pagan jewelry?

If so, what kind of reactions do you get from others?

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There's pagan jewelry pretty much all over me... I just found a beautiful amethyst crystal with a kundalini snake attached to it on a silver chain in an antique shop. I believe it's a gift from Hekate and I wear it proudly, I also have it as my Facebook avatar.. I also love Hindu and Celtic inspired jewelry.
Yes, and lots of it!  Even my wedding ring is a gorgeous amythist crystal. Though, I admit that when people ask about it I always give a truthful but round-a-bout answer just to avoid unwanted attention: it's an ancient symbol of protection, it's symbolic of all strong females, etc....
I wear a goddess pendant, and or pentagram I have been wearing since I was 17. I miss the first on I had recieved as a gift. It was very ornate (with oak leaves surrounding it) I never got any negative attention for wearing it, but most of the time I wear my jewelry inside my shirt. Too many people always feel the need to touch it for some reason. To me this is somewhat invasive. Most people that recognize it are fine with it. When I was younger, it was a bit different. I was in school and classmates would stare or make comments. Thank the gods that where I live most people don't care what ya do, as long as you are respectful

All the jewelry I wear. 


Mjolinir around my neck along with a Malachite pendent. 


Then a ring of Chrysocolla and a Garnet ring. 



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