i do mot

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Nope.. don't own one that's why I make a pest of myself here...

I don't do alot of Mott's. Though Mott's Apple Juice isn't bad. :P


I watch all lot of television shows online, but not on actual tv.

I only watch anything that draws my interest. I follow the news every so often, I pick up on programs on the History Channel, and OLN. Other than that, I have very little interest in Reality TV shows, save for one or two.
i dont also. i read or im on here.

I watch the Simpson's religiously.


I like Gossip Girl a lot, and I watch Vampire Diaries and sometimes the Gordon Ramsey cooking shows.


I really like Craig Ferguson, also Dave and Conan. I watch sports sometimes, and news, and the travel shows. Sometimes I watch music videos if they are ever on. And Colbert and sometimes the Daily show.


I love cartoons, but don't watch many on TV these days, I watch them on Netflix, older ones.

I watch probably 45 minutes a day.  On the other hand, I can't stand silence in the downstairs in my house, so I leave the tv on while I am upstairs.  Bad for electrical conservation, good for the nerves.
More than any of you could imagine.

I pretty much shoot-up Netflix. Freebasing it wasn't cutting it anymore.

Currently Consuming: Breaking Bad reruns on Netflix. Always Sunny/Archer Doctor Who and Squidbillies are new.

I like watching shows all at once. An entire season or even a series over two or three days then watch nothing at all for months.


Old weird stuff from the seventies, controversial programs examining values and ethics under the guise of art.


I don't like commercials. We watch via computer or dvd, no reception out here in the boonies and i won't spring for satellite.

YES! I can multi-task studying and watching TV and being on the lap top. Im also a huge horror fan and own 400-450 DVDs


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