I currently have three different Dragon Decks . They are all very differing from one another . I have the Celtic dragon deck , the Dragon Deck and the magickal Dragon deck . All of these decks have different artists and I believe different publishers .

Each of these decks contain the same card numbers but each card has a subtly different meaning from one another and very different imagery. To add to this none of the decks read the same way for me .


Does any one else have similar decks that are not so similar ?

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Greetings Yarom! I will be very interested in responses to this, you don't mention which decks you have...I have had two different dragon decks, I gave both away (not because I did not want them, they were gifted to people I really felt should have them). The last deck I really liked, the D.J. Conway deck. Do you have this one? I was very drawn to it. And, I agree with you, as I remember, both decks had similar but different interpretations. I will definetly get the Conway deck again for personal use. While I have not done  a lot of connecting to my dragons, I do have a dragon altar and wand....A work in progress...Again, would love to know which decks you have and the differences/similarities you have noticed...Blessings, Ianna:)

The three listed are the ones I have . I did tell which ones and I have them.

The D.J Conway deck would be the Celtic Dragon deck , it is the better of the three being :

The Celtic Dragon Deck

The Dragon Deck (no other name to it this deck was made by LaSarboro)

and The Magikal Dragon Deck made by Llewen


Sorry if the posting was not specific enough to understand .

My bad! Sorry, you were specific, I don't know what I was thinking....I had the Magikal Dragon deck but gave it away, I'm sorry I did not even study this deck because now I'm into Dragon decks....I agree with Tedwedd Shadow Dancer about the Swords/Wands/Air/Fire issue. I don't care for that order and association either. Blessings, Ianna:)
The only dragon deck I have is The Celtic Dragon deck by D.J. Conway & Lisa Hunt.  I like the art, but switching the Air and Fire suits around the way they do really disturbs me.  I'm more used to Swords= Air and Wands=Fire.  I guess with age come less of a willingness to be flexible on certain points.
Lol , I see what your talking about . My long time favorite is the Ellen Cannon-Reed Witches Tarot . I've had that since I was 17 (now 37) . I have to break myself occasionally of how I would read that deck verses any of the dragon decks .


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