So I believe that I have a keen sense of vision in my dreams. Some of my dreams may be metaphorical manifestations of what is going on in my life. But then I also have a lot of déjà vu a future events.

For example, I had a dream about a year ago about folding clothes in a giant house while watching a particular show about people sleeping in a supply closet. A couple weeks ago I was watching a zombie movie while folding clothes in my new house that we had moved into in the déjà vu hits because I realize that the house that I was standing in was the house that I had dreamed over a year ago. And it has been a lot of examples like that my entire life.

Today, I had a dream that I was Cheesy my school bus down the street through busy traffic. (I am a school bus driver). I was running as fast as I can and getting almost to the door to jump into my bus but I kept going just a little too fast for me to fully get in. I eventually do get in to my bus and able to park it in a parking lot safely.

I then to go into a restaurant where I encounter people that I have not seen in decades, And talk to them about their lives. I then run into a little girl and I am so excited to see her as we talk she puts Band-Aids all over my body. I then go to try and hide from my mother. (In my physical life we have a very strained relationship). I end up being found by her because I accidentally turned on a shower and ended up drenched. I then go to change my clothes and put on make up and when I look into the mirror I realized that I am not myself the rather somebody else. I am a young African American woman with thick braids and very pretty. As I'm trying to put on make up I realized that the left side of "my" face Is covered in what I can only describe as large poppy seed like beads or spores. And then i wake up. What could this mean?

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Sounds like some sort of crash (metaphorically speaking) and someones helping you get put back together.


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