Hey all! 

So, I am an openly practicing witch, and very much enjoy interpreting dreams. While it is a known rule that no one should interpret another's dream except for themselves, it is allowed if the correct wording is used. I would like to help anyone and everyone who is concerned, curious, or even confused about a dream. Please comment or message me with questions about your dreams and I am happy to help you interpret them.

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You know, I’ve had a lot of crazy dreams in my life. It never seems to stop. I get woken by voices in the night and I’m not sure whether they were real or a dream. I might take you up on your offer someday. In some circles, it is believed that you diminish the power of the dream by revealing it to others, but sometimes others can offer valuable insight.

Your comment about the diminishing of dreams when shared with others is completely true. However, this is only true in a specific sense. I always suggest to people who come to me for help to begin by starting a dream journal. Your own personal thoughts on your dreams are the most important. When you first wake from a dream, write down every detail you remember(places, people, objects, symbols, voices, smells, feelings, etc.) It is important to do this as soon as you wake up so that you dont forget these details. After your dream is logged, it is always important to try and interpret what these details of your dream mean by connecting them with your real life.(The interpretation does not have to be done immediately, only the dream itself, so that you do not forget). For example, I had a friend who had a dream that he was stuck in an elevator. The elevator would not go past level 1 of whatever building he was in. In the dream, he was trying to get to level 3, but the elevator stayed on level 1 and would not allow him to go any further. In the dream, he felt stress and he felt a sense of potential that was not being met. I told him to write all of these details down. After doing so, he realized that the elevator was the same elevator in his office building at his job. At that current time in his life, he was working his ass off trying to get a promotion, and it just wasn't happening. He brought this up to me, and I told him to think about this dilemma in connection with the dream. He finally came to realize that the elevator in his dream that was stuck on level 1, represented his striving toward a promotion, and being stuck on the lowest level of his job. Notice that I did not suggest to him this interpretation, but only helped him toward his own conclusion, which was also was I interpreted of his dream as well. Any time someone asks for my help, I will help guide them, but if they are still having trouble understanding the dream, I would share what I believe the dream is about by using the words "If it were my dream, I would think that it meant...." But I always make it very clear that my interpretation is not important, merely a suggestion. It is never okay to tell someone what their dream means, because my interpretation could very well be completely inaccurate! I apologize for the long message, but I always want people to understand how dream interpretation must be done in order for it to truly work. Long story short, I suggested to my friend who had the elevator dream to write on a piece of paper, asking what he must do in order to get a promotion at work, and ask to dream about it. Controlling dreams also takes much practice and does not always work for everyone. He did end up having a very symbolic dream that basically gave him the complete blueprint on how to show his boss he was ready to move forward in his job, and he got a promotion! Dreams are meant to help us with the dilemmas of life. I would be happy to help you, but just wanted you to fully understand how the process works. Start a dream journal! :) 

21 and qualified to do dream interpretation? With what qualifications?

I am not qualified. Ive read countless amounts of literature and have been studying dreams for 2 years. Ive always been very in touch with my dreams and I have many friends who have come to me asking about their own. I would never help someone interpret a dream without asking them first what they themselves think of their dream. Anytime I help someone interpret a dream I begin by telling them that my thoughts are not relevent, simply just personal thoughts on the details they have provided about their dreams and their real life. 

What is there a licensing board? Since, I know people older than me that are complete idiots, I don't see how age would disqualify her.

Your correct barry, but her comment is completely relevent and understandable. Dream interpretation must always come from the dreamer themselves. Someone who says they interpret dreams, should always make it clear that the dreamers thoughts are what is important. The person helping to interpret should only be there to help guide the person in their own conclusions. However, if they still are not getting it, the interpreter can help by giving suggestions using the words "If it were my dream, I would think it meant". No matter what someone else interprets of your dreams, your own personal conclusion of it is what is important and matters the most.

Hi Katy,

I love the topic of dreams, especially lucid dreaming.  Thank you for your offer.  IMO, thinking doesn't do much for me with dreaming, but feelings do.  What would you say about my dreaming of pools of water?

I also love lucid dreaming. accept my friend request request and send me a personal message and I would be happy to help you out:)

Cool subject dreaming! I do know the intensity of which one dream,s can vary as, Having sleep apnea my mother and my grandfather had it and would do everything from sing to fight buggers in their sleep actually swinging and cussing and throwing themselves out of the bed before they woke up. It really changed the intensity. I also know your diet plays a big part in your dreams. If you had spicy food to late of an evening, or not enough to eat that day can make a difference.

However I eat quite healthy and exercise. 

Ok so here is my dream question for you, cause no one seems to know why this is.

I lost my Fiancé to a massive heart attack 3 1/2  years ago he has come to me a lot in my dreams. He is always standing on my left never my right. Why is this?

Wow, thats very interesting. Id love to learn more about your fiance and some more details about the dream. Maybe I could help you come to terms with its significance. Please accept my friend request and send me a personal message and I would be happy to help you out!


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