Had a dream about a Yemaya. Sent an email to a local Santera to see what
it meant. Still haven't got a response. Can someone Pleeeeease help me
and tell me what it means? See below text:

I dreamt that I was outside of someone's house and I was drawn to a
window. I looked in and saw a space set up near it that looked like it
was set up for an Orisha. There was a figure dressed in white on it (I
could only see the back of the figure), and there carved cowrie shells
on its base (like the base was concrete/stone, but it was carved to look
like cowrie shells were going around it). I saw other items pertaining
to the Orishas along a wall in this room. I don't know what happened
next but, somehow I was inside the house, in that room, and I walked
around and was face to face with a sacred space that had nothing but
various images (from figures to pictures) of Yemaya dressed in nothing
but white. I don't know why I recognized these images as being Yemaya,
but I did.

Next, I am outside of the house again, and I am running down a street
while a celebration is going on. People with different shaped and
colored urns in their hands and wearing various colored necklaces of
beads. It was joyous. And even though I saw myself as being on the
outside of this, I felt welcome there.

As I jogged past the last reveler, I woke up.

I'm not sure what all of that meant. And I don't want to misinterpret
something that I am not all that familiar with, so if you can give me
some type of clarity on this I would be extremely greatful.

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Has the Santera responded to your e-mail??? I have been crowned a child of Yemaya for 10 years and know how it is to be confused while dreaming... Do you know if Yemaya is your Guardian Orisha ??? She talks to her children a lot in dreams and in symbolism, so it's hard to be objective with it on your own... I feel she is trying to help you mend a problem you may be having, or had with a Lover or Partner of some kind... It seems to be issues, of heart and emotion, that's she is trying to heal, for you... Also she wants you to cleanse yourself and make offerings to her... If you don't live by the Ocean, get a clear glass bowl add water and sea salt, 7 silver dimes and blueing/anil, if you don't know what anil is, use blue food coloring.... Once in awhile change the water... Dedicate that bowl to her, add whatever you feel from your heart put into the bowl, shells, stones, moonstone, etc.... The all white clothing you saw her in, could be a female relative that passed away, trying to give you a message, through Yemaya... I hope this helps, but I really think you need a reading with Cowrie Shells, by a Santero or Santeria Priest/est...

Ashe ,

Sorry for such a late response to this. I have been dealing with a lot of stuff as of late. I had my shells done by an Ifa priest (excuse me if my terminology is wrong). He was recommended to me by a trusted friend who is in the craft. This man knew personal stuff about me that I have not told anyone but my husband and my closest of closest friends. It was unnerving to say the least. He does not practice Santeria. He was initiated into Ifa some years ago when he went to Africa to study there.


Anyway, he said that I had a lot of power in me. He kept "seeing me..." as triple goddess. He said that Oshun and Eshu's energies were surrounding me, but Shango was my "father" and Yemoja is my mother. She is the one who rules my head. He told me the stuff I needed to do, but to be honest, I have yet to do it. My altar is set up, but I have not done anything. (Which is probably one reason why I am feeling so unbalanced now.)


There is so much back story that I was not able to include in my first post, but I am sending you a link to my blog. You will be able to get a better idea of what has been going on. I find it weird that  the Orishas are reaching out to me when my patron goddess is Brighid. A Celtic face of the Goddess. And she has for years reached out to me in dreams.


Hex In The City, is my blog.


I would really appreciate some more insight when you have a chance. Thanks.

Hi, I have been reading this discussion and even it is now one year later, I can tell you that you can workship Yemanya, she was calling you. You can give her a space in your althar with Brighid. She is the mother of the orixas and human beings. She would tell you what to do, maybe it was just a calling for future to take her into account. Blessings and axé

Im no dream interpreter, but i see it as good. I hope it was not scary for you. I think its very likely true that the orisha is reaching out to you. i hope you are blessed by it.


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