I dream a lot about places I grew up, but they never look like they do in real life.  It's like my brain has created this alternate universe  of places.  And no matter what I dream, if those places are referenced, they look like the alternate version.  Even in other dreams years later.  For example......

Where I grew up the train tracks ran close to my home.  In my dreams about that area, there is a tunnel for the train to go through.  In real life there is no tunnel.  But no matter what I dream, if it's about that area, or someone in a dream mentions that area, the tunnel is there.  Does this happen to anyone else?  

What wild and crazy stuff do you dream?

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I have dreams like that too.. I have this recurring dream of the neighborhood I grew up in and in the dream there is always a traffic circle/roundabout at the intersection of the street with flowers growing in the center of the circle. But there isn't one there and never has been. 

Very interesting! I wonder why our minds place things that have never been? 

Maybe it IS an alternative universe and we are remembering past lives there.

I dream about bathrooms a lot, lol. I also have extremely strange dreams. Like, I had this dream where I was in a space ship and earth was about to be exploded and I could see the entire universe. It was very surreal.

That is funny because I had a dream that I was a superhero who had to train this young guy. We flew into outerspace to stop an asteroid from destroying earth. Everything was so vivid like colors from a comic book. It is very surreal.

I think about that too. Anytime I dream of a place I have been even where I live now it is always major differences. Like an extra floor or extra rooms. Just things you know shouldn't be there but you have that sense of knowing where you are.

Sometimes my dreams are all jumbled like flipping through channels on a tv. They are usually associated with something in my subconscious. But sometimes it's the place I connect with my spiritual consort. It's always the same place and It's very vivid. These are not often and always on his time.

I know what you mean flipping through the dreams. But sometimes I am other people in places I have no clue about. I do know the connection you mean to these places that you just know. I read that how they make  you feel is just as important as the scene.

Well I know that one place that never changes, but always changes.Everything is a sensory overload. I can smell the fresh fruit or the spiced meat. I can hear the water tinkling of the water in the fountains or the sound of birds or music. It's always the marble walls. It's hard to describe.

Maybe that is your special place. I have a few that I usually end up.

It's the place of my spiritual consort. It is a shared place.

I remember a dream I had where I was on top of a mountain that had crystals everywhere. I was with a group of people that I couldn't tell you who they were or what they look like but everybody was turning into crystals . I made it out and years had passed, I was now in this old lady apartment and she had a set of blue crystals which were very dusty. She told me that she had kept them for me but I had to sell her the rights I had to this mountain. So I did. On the mountain top I knew the crystallization had to take place but I wasn't ready. I  didn't want to give the rights to the woman but I remembered from another dream where I gave her the crystals to keep for me. Now this dream I remembered happened when I was a teenager. I just remember being in that house and the crystals. What do you think?


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