I dream a lot about places I grew up, but they never look like they do in real life.  It's like my brain has created this alternate universe  of places.  And no matter what I dream, if those places are referenced, they look like the alternate version.  Even in other dreams years later.  For example......

Where I grew up the train tracks ran close to my home.  In my dreams about that area, there is a tunnel for the train to go through.  In real life there is no tunnel.  But no matter what I dream, if it's about that area, or someone in a dream mentions that area, the tunnel is there.  Does this happen to anyone else?  

What wild and crazy stuff do you dream?

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I have a dream like this too. It's actually my meditation safe place to go. It's a cave lined with crystals, but I live in the cave and have books and music and a bed and outside is a beach with a blue dugout canoe. I've used this for years during meditation and I don't know where it came from, but I suspect from a dream.

The shit I dream can't be put into words

hahaha I thoguht I was the only person  who did that?  Do you have places you og to and people you only hang out with in your dreams?   So much so  when you wake up your confused a bit. I assumed I was going to the astral planes or something.

I hang out with a lot of my old friends and they tell me after how they dreamed of me or was thinking about me. A friend of mine even spoke about what we talked about. That was really cool.

I too have re-occuring dreams, usually about childhood and they mix and match places I have been in weird ways that never existed in real life.  I have a theory on that, and I don't mean to discount anything mystical I just have a more scientific explanation for why this may occur.

It's been shown that during sleep our brain makes new memories.  It sorts out all the information that was gained during the day and decides which neural connections to make. It deletes useless information and creates pathways within the mind to the useful stuff it decides to make into permanent memories.  Many theories suggest that this is the main reason we sleep, to "defrag" the brain.  I think while these new pathways are being created our subconscious mind travels through them to see if they were connected correctly and these travels are our dreams.  While testing these new connections we also experience old ones, particularly the most powerful ones...for me it's memories of my grandparents house, events that happened in school decades ago, houses I used to live in, people I used to know, and in my dreams these things all get mixed together.

Ray... that is a VERY interesting view on how these "alternate" places may be occurring.  I'm very curious if these "additions" are symbols for something else.  For me the tunnel has not appeared only once, but in multiple dreams over many years... hrmmm what could my brain be telling me about my childhood home with a tunnel... hrmmm.


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