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Being a bum and a leech on society?  Traveling by train, basically stealing a ride and not paying for it, is illegal, stupid, dangerous and life as a wanderer is fraught with peril and hard living.  Panhandling is also illegal in many areas.  If you work, save enough money, can remote into work, then you can buy a camper, become a wanderer but you have decent resources, a steady income and still able to travel.  That is so much better.

I do not know. Just seams a nomadic way of life. seems to be less dogmatic and full of more surprises and always an interesting way to wake up. Often times a see a freight train and the mind wanders of if i got on where would i end up. it is like travelers roulette.

and being a drifter in today's society has changed the concept of being a gypsy a nomad and a drifter is not much difference it is a life the does not stay stationary in one physical place.


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