Due with Baby Girl #2 in One Week!! Need name help, Please.

MM all. I'm sure this subject has been beaten to death in the forums, but could really use some help here.

Our first daughter is named Piper Selene (as in the Moon Goddess) and we've settled on Paige for this baby's first name, but can't settle on a middle name. I'd like to keep with the celestial deity theme. The hardest part is going to be selling it to my husband. ;)

And no, I didn't name them after the Charmed Characters, but it is an interesting coincidence, no?

Thank you all so much for your help. Blessed Be.


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My mom told me she knew the name when she looked down on the baby.. it came to her. Here is a link to a moon goddess site (list of names): http://www.eternal-moon.org/goddess.html

I am having a baby to. 7 months a long now :) congrats to you.

My middle name is Janan...pronounced Ja-nan. It is a variant of the latin word Janus.

Janus is a boy's name of latin origin, and the meaning of Janus is "gateway". Janus was the Roman guardian of doors as well as of beginnings and endings. He had two faces, one looking forward and the other looking backward, and gave his name to the first month of the year, January.


Janis is something many in the U.S. consider a girls name because of Janis Joplin, but it is actually a boy's name of Hebrew origin meaning God is gracious.

CONGRATS>......how exciting......names ,for babies.I would think it is something you and yiur husband would BOTH agree on.funny tale myy son Joshua Daniel........my X wanted to name him Oscar Meier Frank.Meier is my DA's name and Frank was our last name.I nixxed that one......LOL.......Rhiannon is one of my Goddesss.love that name.good fortune to you!!!
LMAO... Awwwwww you should of named him that !! I like the name Oscar :)  We had a neighbor that wanted to Name his son Richard Edward and call him Dick Ed for short  LOL
Also seen a name in the paper where someone  called their son Hunter Chase Buck :)  I thought that one was cool :)

Paige Ixchel (Esh CHEL)

Paige Rhiannon (Ree-a-non)

Paige Asteria ( A steria )
my granddaughters are Demetria (Persephone's mum) and Dominique. I have always had a soft spot for Blodewydd or Blodeuwedd (the flower bride of the Mabinogion), however my daughter would have none of it!

Seriously, dream on it,ask her what she wants. By now you have a good idea of the personality. The right name usually appears like magic once you have seen her face for the first time.

Rhiannon, Elen,if you are looking for some Goddess-names that have not been over-used.

sometimes you have to wait to see the baby to get a feel for the names, also check out this thread for meanings and names that might appeal and trip off the tongue



Congrads! how exciting.

There are many names I like:

Rowan, Helena, Dyantha, Cerriwan. I dunno there are so many.
NYX was the goddess of the night, one of the ancient Protogenoi (first-born elemental gods). In the cosmogony of Hesiod she was born of Air (Khaos), and breeding with Darkness (Erebos) produced Light (Aither) and Day (Hemera), first components of the primeval universe. Alone, she spawned a brood of dark spirits, including the three Fates, Sleep, Death, Strife and Pain.

Nyx was a primeval goddess usually represented as simply the substance of night: a veil of dark veil of mist drawn forth from the underworld which blotted out the light of Aither (shining upper atmosphere). Her opposite number was Hemera (Day), who scattered the mists of night, or Eos, the goddess of the dawn.

In ancient art Nyx was portrayed as either a winged goddess or charioteer, sometimes crowned with an aureole of dark mist.


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