I have been to one too many circles that start off with a dedication to The horned god Cernunnos and the female goddess Isis! While flipping through the discussions I was infuriated by the lack of commitment to any one path! There seems to be a growing trend for something I laughingly refer to as masturbatory magick. Doing what feels good at the time! Taking what a person likes from one faith, smashing it with another and hiding under the umbrella of ," Every one walks thier own path"

I say pah! What it conveys to me is a lack of desire to study. A lack of drive to be dedicated one thing. It shows a lack of fire and passion. Who can serve more than one master? Who can say that they are a master of all faith?

Studying different paths to have an understanding of other branches of Pagan/Wiccan/Craft/Satanism/whatever is a good idea. It broadens our scope of appreciation. However, putting several different pantheons together simply for the purpose of the lazy Witch is starting to really bring our community to the point of couch potato covening where everything for anybody is okay.

Which gave me a few questions

Cernunnos ( Celtic usually) The Romans name him because in Western Europe there were no written records of the time. Does that make him Roman or Western European? And does it make a difference in the spelling?

Danu Irish or Hindu?

Dagda Still Irish or the Gaelic version?

Odin Why not choose one or the other?

Athena Now Greek?

Bridgit Back to Celtic So we can assume the your Dagda is the Irish one, right?

Morrigan Covering your land with how many dieties now? Three? One just doesn’t get the work done?

Hecate Greek again

Thor old Norse, Proto Gemanic You’re all about protection. Why you nervous?

Freya Back to Norse.

Is there study behind any of these paths? Can you read, write or translate anything from any of these? Or do you rely on the translations of others? Where is the all encompassing passion?

Before any one gets started on my keep reading.

Yes religions evolve. I think that through this path of nonstudy and mastrubation we are de-evolving.

How is the rest of the recognized religous community supposed to take us as a community when the current standard is whilly nilly Pseudo Witchcraft!

How did this pick and choose get started? And why has it's perpetuation continued to be tolerated? Why is eclecticism even a banner of pride?

Okay, I'm ready for the hate. I want to hear from the eclecticand the strict followers of different traditions.

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I totally agree with you Rob.
Not one true path.

but find one, something.
Did you ever think that by looking inward and drawing from all the knowledge a person has accumulated to date they can find a path that works for them? Even if it incorporates bits of others?
But this downward spiral of ultra acceptance, do you really think it is helping the community advance toward be recognized as a legitimate faith?

The same could be said by mainstream religious groups about accepting Paganism in any form.... why would you take up a holy crusade against your own?

And why not look at the diversity in the community as a positive thing in being recognized? You speak of acceptance and tolerance for the Pagan faiths... why do you not give it to those in your own faith who may differ from you?
I love diversity. I don'tenjoy muddled confusion.

I am not starting a holy crusade. I am asking the why of it.
It may be muddled confusion to you, but it may not be to the person with an eclectic path...

Maybe to that person what is confusing is having to be bound to restrictions and doctrines of one particular path and in their own "muddle", as you put it, taking from various paths they have found what works for them...

You ask why... some would question why a person would want to bind themselves to one set of doctrines???

Does it really matter, though?
everyone binds themselves to one set of doctrines, whether they be eclectic, traditional, atheist, or christian.

This is an incorrect generalization... Everyone does not bind themselves to one set of doctrines....
But one's own paradigm of thinking can change hence there is no bind... what worked yesterday may not work today...

Are you saying that a person does not evolve and change?
This post reminds me of Catholic school....

the horror>>
Mine or byrd's??? I have never been to catholic school...so I know not of which you are referring.
No, I am sorry, Blodeuwedd... not yours.... I should have specified....


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