I thouhgt this article was thoughts are do they really differ that much from other shaman that heal and do other stuff...please comment your thoughts about this articles ..thank you!

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I am familiar with the Wardruna , and the particular set of Runes

they use , the whispering , and how to enter the dreaming field...

The Carpathian mountains are wild country , the land of Dracul ,

and Transylvania...;)

These are ones who do not "mess around" , though I can not speak

for this school , or teacher's ability , or integrity...I do not know that...

Yet , I "whisper - breathe" the Runes they use , as it is part of my

ancient Tradition...I would love to sit with them , around the fire...

Silence - Dreaming Field - Whisper , Silence - Dreaming Field - Whisper ,

Silence - Dreaming Field - Whisper , over and over , in trance...

( beware the Spider Goddess , she is the Doorway )

The old Slavic / Finnish / Ugric Witchcraft , is very powerful ,

and some became embedded in Gypsy culture and magic...

Do note Maria Gimbutis' work , and the Vinca language , as well...

Note some of the old sculptures are "Bird Goddesses"...

yw... so interesting btw  :)

Thanks for posting all the information Shawn below this post ...just very interesting I am learning alot I didn't know about this subject...

You are welcome , Bubbles...

It is good you have found something that interests you...;)

Be aware there was great controversy regarding Maria's work ,

yet it was her conclusions that were disputed , not her field

work...yet with what I know of ancient Craft , and folklore ,

as well the old ones who are still alive and willing to speak of

the Old Ways , though now being classed as shamanism , I

have no doubt she was correct in many , if not more of her


I can tell you many of those designs on the pottery , and

sculptures from that part of the world , are the "women's runes" ,

singly , repeated , or bindrunes , and variants...

I can "read" many of them...and know some of their magical uses...;)


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