I've recently noticed I always draw elemental pentagrams wrong (ones where the points correspond to elements not invoking pentagrams). Why is air on the western point and water on the eastern? Earth and fire are a little more difficult in my opinion but why the air and water line up?

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Wait a minute, pentagrams have five points being why they're called "penta" grams.

This being said not one point of the pentagram aligns with any direction, with the exception of the top aligned with North or in the case of the inverted, the bottom aligned with South.

The Northern or Southern points of which don't even correlate with an element.

I take it you're drawing compasses? lol In which case Fire would be South, Earth is North, Water is then West, and Air is then East.
The reasons for these correspondences actually differs between belief systems and traditions. In some cases the correspondences are different. So it would really depend on the person you're asking and from what path they've chosen.

It kind of depends on who you ask, who knows you maybe drawing them just right for you.


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