Just wondered what element people feel attracted to, or they feel drawn to and what do they use to maybe represent it?

I feel myself being pulled to the element of Air. Wind chimes is my way to represent air. The wind moving through them is very calming to me.

I forgot to add I love fire also. I am a little pyro at times, much to my husbands annoyance

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Hehe, you like it steamy too!
I like to say i'm a steam sign, Aries with Scorpio rising. For me, it's a dual attraction to both fire and water.
I dont think i can single out just one. I love all four. I love windchimes, fountains, incense and candles, quartz crystals and salt. I actually have an indoor windchime! It is a windchime mounted above a small fan. I can set it for breeze strength, anywhere from continuous strong breeze down to intermittant light breeze. I love it! I love the sound of a small brook bablling, and the wind whistling through the trees. Love sitting by a bonfire and watching the flames dance. I just love them all!
Oh, almost forgot When i represent the four elements on my altar, I use a real seashell for water, a brass genie lamp for fire, a large quartz crystal for earth and a feather and incense for air.
I am an Earth sign, and love the Earth. However, like you, they all strike a chord in me. I love being on the water, found that out in the Navy. The wind, of course, her songs are amazing. Fire, can be beautiful, when contained. The main one for me, is Earth, however, then Air.
Water and metal have been my working elements for most of my life although I can and do work with fire, air and earth as well.
I'm drawn to the earth. I have a lot of polished rocks, and am always looking for more, also to my husbands annoyance. Touching them is very soothing and healing to me when I get anxiety, which I have alot
I like them all. Fire is definitely one of my faves, so is water. I think my dominate is actually air, which explains my fickleness. Lately, I've decided to indulge in earth since its often ignored but most of my major deities seem heavily connected to it. That element's magic also seems to be very protective and healing. So i'm divulging more and more into it.
My element is water. I live by it, and have always thought in the beginning we came from water.

In medicine, body water is all of the water content of the human body. A significant fraction of the human body is water. Lean muscle tissue contains about 75% water by weight. Blood contains 95% water, body fat contains 14% water and bone has 22% water.

The water gives me peace and tranquility.

Brightest Blessings :)
I've lived by the Water most of my life, and do dearly enjoy it.
However, I am more in touch with the AIR, as it is easier for me to manipulate!!! :)...I'm also a Pilot.
Water and fire- nothing energizes me more than water. It never ceases to amaze how gentle and soothing the energy can be and then turn into the most destructive element-

Fire for the soul- the light of life.
water is my element... has been for years~


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