Just wondered what element people feel attracted to, or they feel drawn to and what do they use to maybe represent it?

I feel myself being pulled to the element of Air. Wind chimes is my way to represent air. The wind moving through them is very calming to me.

I forgot to add I love fire also. I am a little pyro at times, much to my husbands annoyance

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Earth. Definitely earth. Stones, crystals, just good ole rocks. Digging my hands deep in the dirt. Pulling earth energy into me. Trees, gnomes, forests, and forest elves.

Yeah, earth. that's me.
Wind & Earth. I love to hear and feel the wind blow. I love the smeel/feel of leaves, dirt and I love rocks and smooth stones.
It's always been earth for me. Being more 'Down to Earth' I guess is what I am. The solidity of it, the fact that it is a constant and dependable, (more or less unwavering) and that I can ground myself in it.
Of course I love them all, but I adore Earth the most, with air and water both running a close second. Fire makes me a bit nervous, but I'm trying to get over it. :)
Very pretty picture :) Thank you for sharing.
Having been born under the sign of Capricorn I am first drawn to Earth but have a love for all

Earth.... Solid, Stable, Grounding
Water....Reflective, Refreshing, Calming
Air.... Light, Transparent, Cooling
Fire....Powerful, Mezmerizing, Warming
Fire, definitely. I'm a pyromaniac but there's more to it than that. Fire is essential for human life, it provides heat, light, protection, cooks, signals others, and help humans take the night. but it can also destroy, and brings about change to everything it touches. one of my friends told me i have this effect on people.

I also have some attraction to earth. i love being in the woods and being surrounded by plants, and i almost always wear a necklace made form a holed rock i found that i put runes on
Fire & Earth - my element is fire - however I am also drawn to the earth- like Siver Dove I find earth objects very soothing.
Awesome ya'll, thank you for all the responses. Very neat to see what element(s) everyone is drawn towards.
Ah, water. Always have been drawn and most likely always will be. Live in the Puget Sound so that I have it nearby at all times. Though this summer has pretty much sucked in my opinion...too hot. Love my rain. Brings the world to life, without it I see withering, parched earth. Not why I live here.

Just my two cents, thanks for asking.

im new to learning the elements and its crazy how it effects not only ourselves but those around us. it took some time to understand that part and still have trouble but it most certainly does. I am a cancer and water is my natural element which is kinda funny that my worst fear other than spiders is the ocean or deep masses of water. (more wat lurks beyond) I am drawn to fire the most and have had a few experiences that i cant explain but other than the dragons took over. i flicked a cigarette into a greenbelt and it went up into a flame and crosed the creek and took up trees and down the greenbelt idk how it started it was like magick.... but Air is wat i tend to be drawn to the most. i see it as soothing and moving with it is like dancing and i represent it by a ciggarette. (Newport 100)it is a fine line drawn between water and fire for me and teaches me self control so i dont let the fire get the best of me. i can do things naturally with air and move it but fire is my fave. just watching it dance with my bodys rythem puts me in such a trance and i can touch it and not get burned. Air+Fire is me id have to say. Havnt ventured much into earth but i would represent that with marijuanna the best thing other than boomerz that this earth gives us =)
I am drawn to water because it's so gentle and serene, but I LOVE being in the forest and surrounded by trees, rocks and dirt. And yet, I'm a Leo (a fire sign).


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