Just wondered what element people feel attracted to, or they feel drawn to and what do they use to maybe represent it?

I feel myself being pulled to the element of Air. Wind chimes is my way to represent air. The wind moving through them is very calming to me.

I forgot to add I love fire also. I am a little pyro at times, much to my husbands annoyance

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First I would like to say one thing: please bear with me, this post is liable to get long and wall-o-textified. I'm a very detailed person and thinking about this I come up with so much...

Now, my first response to this question is Air. I am drawn toair and always have been as far back as I can remember...

When I was growing up I spent a lot of time as an observer, more than a participant in most things, so I spent most of my time looking ta the sky and the clouds. I've always wished I could take flight like a hawk or eagle and soar up there, free, with the wind blowing in my wings and feathers...

Even at twenty five years of age, I still write about that and let myself dwell on it now and again. I can recall so many days when the wind hasn't been blowing and it made me agitated, I love to feel the air, gentle and caressing on my cheek, blowing my hair back, gentle and cool, or blowing fierce and gusty in the summer and fall months. I love wind chimes, especially the big ones with the very deep sound to them. I have a set and I will have a set at my office too. And though on those chill autumn nights when the wind blows, howling through the trees in a moaning, creepy sort of way, i enjoy it then too. That one time we went outside during that hurricane, when it was dying down, but still blowing pretty strong was awesome, all except for the rain... the rain wasn't fun.

Which brings me to the second element I have to mention. Water, I believe I'm some sort of half-mermaid, fresh water of course. I can't stand not being in water sometimes, and every chance I get to get into water that is deep enough to submerge myself in, I take the chance. I love garden style tubs and MUST have one or I am just not happy. When we had a pool in FL [that I now miss terribly despite the hornets that attacked us every year...] I would swim with a snorkel and goggles on and just lay in the water. I felt as one with it as it flowed so smooth over my skin. I felt my body meld with it as I slowly circled around the pool, ignoring everything around me and just being there in the still peace of it. I loved the cold springs we visited, despite the freezing temperatures of them and love to swim every chance I get when visiting a hotel that has a pool. I lvoe the small brooks and love the sound of babbling water from a fountain. So gentle and peaceful. I'm a very water-based person, very calm, very flowing, at least that part of water... I'm more the calmer waters, flowing slowly, not the raging rapids or thundering waterfall type...

As for fire and earth. Well, I do like trees and grass and all that, I love my crystals, but I'm not much for hanging out on bare ground with all the bugs. I can't stand the beach, all of that sand... bleh, but I do have a healthy respect for Earth, I love trees and the shade they provide, but it isn't calling to me so much as Water and Air do.

On that note, fire and I have a weird history. I'm afraid of it sort of, fire is too hot for me, I prefer cooler things like air and water, though I must admit I love watching a fire burn, love staring into the flames and watching various things burn in it, but it's just not my thing. I have a healthy respect for it though as well and I work with all of the elements, not just the ones that call to me.

Frankly I find it odd that I'm a Leo and I don't like Fire... *shrug*.

I represent air with feathers, feathers seem to be a big thing for me anyway because I also love hawks and birds of prey. Water, well hm, I love little mini fountains, I can't have just still water, water has to move for me... so I have this neat little battery powered fountain that is just a half foot tall and all, very nice that makes water flow over some little rocks...

And I guess for now, that's about it... Sorry for the wall-o-text!
Being a Cancer, I have always been drawn to water. I have to have access to a beach, river or a stream. I bought the place in helen because I can see the river from the back of my house. I can walk to it in about 5 mins. Even in my rituals, water plays the most important part. I always call it first and dismiss it last. As always BB&MM LR
I am drawn to the Earth & water.
Fire ~ it's so exciting, warm (and dangerous ; ) Leo is my moon sign, so this makes sense. As a Taurus sun sign, I like Earth a lot too, but I have always picked the Queen of Wands as my tarot signifier because I personally identify with Fire more.
Well my birth element is water and though I feel strongly connected to it I also feel drawn to the Earth in a powerful way. Both Water and Earth draw me in and I feel closely connected in all things I do. I am a nature girl by heart and love outdoor activities. I use both elements in my crafting and rituals as much as I can.



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