I am not receiving email notifications from discussions I’m following, blog posts I’m following, comments left on my page, messages sent to me, friend invites sent to me, basically al features that in the past would generate an email notification. Anybody else having this problem or know of a fix?

I like to stay somewhat abreast of things I’m involved with on Pagan Space and it is very likely I will miss things I would want to respond to or just plain read.

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Contact an administrator is the only thing i can think of.

Look at your settings, you may need to re-set them. Something like "notify me when ......." switch to "yes" or "on".

Thanks for the advice. I will follow up in both directions.

Yeah , occasionally the site will do some changes , or even your computer ,

and I have found I need to re - sign in , and reset everything , or at least

some things...

This site is also listed as "not secure" on my system , meaning someone

can get into your info , if you are not using protection such as 360 Total

Security / Avast / Malwarebytes , and something such as Super Anti Spyware...

My recommendations bolded...

Just contact an admin.

I found them, they were in my spam folder. I've been offline for a bit and was so accustomed to the emails going to my inbox folder I didn’t think of checking my spam folder until last night.


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