Is it possible to use energy connections to find a lost pet?  I know I'm fishing here but it never hurts to ask.  I've lost my cat.  Seeing that we connect with everything in our lives, I wondered if it was possible to trace such a connection to find a missing cat.  Thanks!

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Good questions.  She's just a domestic house cat who has never been off my property before.  I've had her 7 years, since she was a kitten.  Good signs for a strong connection, however I have no idea how to find her through that connection.  I'm not that good with energy.  Thanks for the reply.

Karen has good feline pointers, cats are free spirits too,so they do like to wander off and if shes been housed inside and never been outside before then shes naturally gonna reverted back to her feral ways,to go explore her surroundings.. would you not want to explore your surroundings if you'd been held up for so long in a house daily..she'll be laying her scent trails to return home most likely, thing is she's not road conscious,that's the sad part of being a domestic house cat, she may be weary of the cars by noise, she's likely to be timid & stay close to buildings or hide & go into buildings even garages, so put out the notices in your area for people to check their garages,she could be locked in have to place yourself through her energetic thinking process, to track her ,like how would you react if you were her and behaviour & personality traits too... follow that lead,+ lay out food if she returns too,cos she's used to being fed & not hunting for herself...good luck ..but do keep us informed & updated.. 

That's very good advice.  Thanks!

Your welcome I do hope you find your beloved cat,she/he will be missing you too..

ofc it is. btw speaking of energy connections, i have noticed that sometimes when i see you in chat, for a moment i think you are somebody else, somebody specific on paganspace. its a rather intriguing thing to me, and it brings up the question of energy connections between you. just something to think about, anyway, have a nice day.

I wasn't aware I was in chat.  I guess anyone on the site is technically "in chat".  Can't help you with your mystery.  Every time I check I'm always me.  Doesn't seem to matter how many Humphrey Bogart movies i watch, I still end up being me.  It'd be nice if a little of Bogie could rub off on me.  I'll keep trying!

hahaha you have a great sense of humor! i was refering to a possible energetic connection between you and somebody else. it causes me to do kind of a double take to be sure who it is in chat.

Thanks.  Now you have me stumped.  I'm not aware of having an energy connection with anyone on this site right now.  In the past, yes, but haven't noticed any past friends here in ages.

Maybe try dowsing for her, that can often help to point in the right direction.

Really hope you find her soon!


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