Lets say for the sake of argument that there are two places that are on either end of a set of scales.  When you add more influence to one side the scale on the other side slips a bit.  If the scales were to slide too far out of balance it might be catastrophic for which ever side is down.


Now there are two ways of looking at this:

1. Adjusting the scale upwards so as to prefer one side of the scale is beneficial to all on that side, and the minor negative effects to the other side can be ignored as insignificant.


2. The beneficial effect of the tilting scale makes that side complacent, and the adversity faced by the other side makes them stronger.


Lets say, that in this model it is necessary that one side achieve a certain strength, and that the other side achieve a certain beneficence.  Of course when I draw the argument this way, it is painfully obvious that asserting the difference between sides must be done and to a greater extent.


What do you think?



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balance the scale out, make one place as prosperous as the other and influence each equally, without corruption.
Sounds so horribly boring though, doesn't it?
yes, but it is impossible wto keep to places perfect
Perfection isn't required though, so this seems much more simple.  And would two nearly equally weak and complacent places be better than one strong but beset, and another weak but complacent?  Is not that natures way?
perfection lies in imperfection, of course. Yes it is natures way and forever will be, if we are lucky lol.

The educated best feeling guess?  :) 



nothing important...


Just a general question.


Nothing to see here.. move along..

I feel like a broken record:

"There is nothing Good or Bad, only thinking makes it so"

Ethics and morals are merly an ideology and not a divine law.


See - NEGITIVE is NOT separated from POSITIVE. Got to your fridge and pull a magnet off it and try to now separate the negitive pole from the positive...you can't, not with out breaking it, and when you do, you create a new balance, a new positive or negtive pole.


WHY? Because much like the world, the magnet has an internal counter balance system. When you break the magnet it auto corrects itself by creating a new magnetic pole, so such is with the world.

You say that now... until you perceive some effect being more negative for you personally, and then suddenly this kind of a question snaps into perspective and you care enough to answer in opposition.  Why is that I wonder... broken magnet didn't readjust polarity?  Something changed sufficiently to make the interest personal.


Tell me, Robert, hypothetically of course, if your state was determined to be the one that needed toughening, and lets say... a state on the polar opposite side of the planet (or close) was chosen to suddenly gain vast wealth and a utopia lifestyle.  Would you consider the hardship suddenly imposed (it comes from without) upon your state (and you personally) as being unjust?



An uneven balancing act, I would think, would be difficult to manage, especially over time. How much is too much, or too little? Unless the pieces added to each end of the scale are fully defined in both their size and weight (so you know how you can shuffle things to fit and keep the desired ratio), in other words many variables removed, it might be all but impossible to keep the balance, appropriately. And what if you come across a piece that does not fit? Or if your ratio is unintentionally changed (lessened, evened out, reversed)? Can you see the scale? If one side is preferred, and the other inconvenienced, will the inconvenienced side intervene?

In response to your discussion with Aairo, since for some reason I cannot seem to do a proper response, levelling things out seems the most fair. However, if there are as many issued as mentioned above, there could be easily as much difficulty in that. Throw in human error, and you have yourself a world.

hmm, I see an obvious third option -

3. tilting the scale makes the prefered side stronger and the adversly effected side weaker


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