Ever met a tarot reader at a festival or event who could see anything at all related to reality?  Or for that matter exhibited any amount of power at all?

Just curious, I'm thinking to write them all off as quacks and con-artists.


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I was one, with my homemade tarot deck. Most people were quite amazed with the accuracy, which helped my confidence a whole lot : )
I got my cards read a few times from other street readers, some was accurate, some not so much. I think good readers are out there, but also lots of charlatans.
this one time, at band camp....
yes, once. she did it with ordinary playing cards though. as usual i did not ask about "future" but about a better overview of the current situation. it was really good.
I've read at festivals but choose to only read at "quiet" ones so I'm not yelling and have a little more control over the space in which the reading is done. I think I'm quite accurate and have been told so. I've had some hard questions thrown at me (touched a sensitive part within me) but was able to put that aside in order to properly look. I don't tell lies to make others feel better. It is what it is...I believe that everyone knows the answers themselves, and Tarot readers and the like are there to help point out the obvious. That said, I will let silver cross my hand to take a look with you.
Don't mind me, it was one of those days... there's nothing quite like walking through a rain storm in a largish bubble of calm and dry, in the middle of a festival. If I could have, I did try, cleared the sky entirely I would have. Its really hard to clear the sky in minutes, usually takes hours to accomplish with accuracy. And who wants to become a spectacle? Certainly not me. Yet once again I wandered by a tarot reader and thought, why not? There wasn't any energy there, at all... although I left ward for prosperity;The least I could do. Her tent positively glowed when I left. :)

Where do real tarot readers hide? Perhaps not festivals...


ps Thanks for the responses .. and you have raised some hope that perhaps someday.. :) I'll meet one of these people you have met.
never gone to one on those...

best reading i ever got was from a lady in a truck stop in the middle of the belgian countryside... had to have someone translate as i don't speak french... she didn't take money and read from regular playing cards... she was picky for whom she read as well... i was lucky to know one of the regulars...

years later i still thought "goodness, she told me this would happen". didn't save me the trouble of going through the sh&t though ;-)

so where do the real ones hide? try belgium ;-)
I read the cards at fiars... Idone a few parties. I did pretty good.... But there our so many at the fiars though... I also got reads most have been acurate...
Not all are cons. But I will admit thanks to the new wave of young adult books more and more people are picking up tarot cards and claiming they are psychic or witches, so I can't blame you for your assumption Firewae.
Not at a festival or event, no. My sweetie was scary good with the Tarot before the drunk who hit us head-on in 2000. I couldn't get away with diddly... now, I'd trade every vice I've ever contemplated to have her back healthy and pain-free.
In the accident, vertebral disks at C3, C4, & C5 blew like waterballoons hitting pavement, Amber also suffered a cracked collar bone, 3 cracked ribs, and her sternum broken into multiple pieces. The cracked and broken bones are all healed... but vertebrae C3,4, & 5 have settled and grown together, trapping and inflaming the nerve trunks branching off the spinal cord. C7 has become inflamed, I would have to see her medical records to give further clinical data. So, now she's a pain management patient 24/7, on top of her severe chronic asthma, and several other pre-existing conditions.

Before the accident, she was a CRNA professionally, (Certified Registered Nurse Anaesthetist) a 3rd Degree High Priestess of the Unicorn Tradition who ran her own Grove for 13 years, talented with tarot and runestones in divination, my best friend and lover, she enjoyed sky diving, bicycling, swimming, herb gardening, medical herbism, and paranormal research.

Now, she watches a lot of TV, listens to audiobooks or reads using her Kindle, and concentrates on making no sudden movements. Sudden movement cause a stab of pain severe enough to rob her of speech, and usually require light traction, ice packs, massage, and hydrocodone to ease the pain level and relieve the muscular tension compressing the inflamed nerves. She can move about, but not far, and not fast.

If I am grumpy and short of temper here in the posts... please understand. The love of my life has been in pain for over 10 years, and I can't do anything, but assist in reducing the most severe part with ice & hot packs, massage, reiki, and spooning her in bed, wrapped in my arms - part physical therapist, part relaxation coach. I am her daily caregiver - I cook, clean, exercise and train her mobility assistance service dogs, (Doyle and Jean Claude, the Wonder Poodles) and watch her slowly reduced from the beautiful, funny, talented Witch and medical professional I handfasted into a angry, pain-wracked patient. Life sucks most days.
Awww, I am so sorry to hear that. My heartfelt blessings to both of you~


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