Ever met a tarot reader at a festival or event who could see anything at all related to reality?  Or for that matter exhibited any amount of power at all?

Just curious, I'm thinking to write them all off as quacks and con-artists.


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I am so sorry mon amie, so very, very sorry.
There is however, one very bright spot in my life! Hi, TH...
I can't help crying when I read this mon amie. I am so glad there is a bright spot in your life to help light the way:)
Not in the US. I met many readers in Romania - not tarot, but grains readers, coffee dregs readers, and regular playing cards readers - who were on the spot on everything.

Here in the US I only know of one reader (again, not tarot reader) who does an unusual form of reading - he draws what he sees about people, and he is usually on the spot.

And yes, I am also a reader, not tarot - but regular playing cards, grains, coffee dregs reading and palmistry.

Funny - today at our coven's meeting I am actually going to teach the coffee dregs reading and test my students on the playing cards reading for the upcoming PPD for the ones who want to start reading for public.
coffee dregs reading

This has always interested me. My great grams, I've been told, was very skilled with this type of divination. Lol now I wish you lived closer Seachain lol
Here's the instructions how to make the coffee that you read from (it's not plain filter coffee)

Coffee dregs reading
Attended a Midsummer festival a few years back and was quite impressed with one such reader. And simply because of him i will not write them all of as con-artists; he was exceptional. I had never met him nor did i know he was a reader at first. He had such a great aura, a great personality, and was knowledgable...And when I sat down for a reading i had no doubt that he knew his craft. The look in his eyes changed, his voice changed, his persona changed, the energy changed...and ALL of his insights were correct. I felt the SHIFT from the man i met to the reader and back.

That's the best way i know to explain it. I know there are lots of nut jobs out there looking for a quick penny....but the real readers ARE out there too.

I've met both kinds.

I had one done at a festival cause my friend wanted one, and the tarot reader got more or less everything wrong. she got annoyed and blamed my friends who were stood outside the tent for 'interfearing with the energy'. my friends laughed and walked off, and she still couldnt get it right.

But, a few year before that.
I had a reading at the local pubs 'psychic and healing fair' who had never met me and i didnt intend on having it done so no one could have pre warned her. she did a cover-all reading, so past, present, future.
My past she got spot on, my present she got perfect too. I don't know if she got all my future right yet, but there are a couple of things that she mentioned that have happened.
While doing my present she turned over a couple of cards and said that she was a bit confused cause the cards said that i am into historic buildings and history but there was a deeper meaning to it that just interest, and if it made any sence to me. It did cause im a medieval re enactor.
there werea few other things that she said that wern't vague or obvious and related to me quite specificaly.
At the end of the reading she said that she had a message from a dead relative who had a really strong personality and she thought it was my nan (who had died the previous year, but i hadn't told the reader that.) She said the message was to stop leaving piles of coins around my room and to either put them in my purse or the copper jar. it suprised me a bit cause i was a bugger for leaving odd piles coins around and its not the stereotypical type of message you get from dead relatives, though i can see how me leaving moneies around would annoy my nan.

So in answer to you question, i think that most tarot reader do a mix of being vague and body reading, and are esentialy full of shit. but i wouldn't write them off compleatly theres at least one who had a real gift for it.
Without some psychic sight, the cards, or any divinatory tool, are just collections of symbols, falling at random, or not, depending on the shuffle. A reading from someone with no psychic talent, just a knowledge of the cards, or the book at his/her elbow isn't worth paying for... I can do that for myself! With the use of psychic skill, and an encyclopedic knowledge of the symbolism - revelational magick happens. Some individuals are born with strong psychic talents just are there online, because they're still breathing... others have to work to focus and improve what they have... and some folks are psychic nulls. Those last wouldn't know a psychic power was in play unless it is so blatant and overt that they cannot ignore it. Once they walk away, then they can rationalize the event away however they like... and often do. Then there is the type of person I stay as far away from as I can... the complete skeptic and psychic null... the Amazing Randi, for example. Need I say more about that... twit?
I owned and managed two metaphysical stores, and had readers, astrologers, and 'psychics' daily. A good reader is a psychologist; not a fortune teller. There is a difference, and those who claim to be actually psychic from 9 to 5 on any given day are just using psychology on their marks. But a good psychological reading is just as valid as a 'medical shrink...


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