i dont get this, my brother, whom still lives at home, has a lousy job because of stabbing himself in the hand from throwing knives....."could have been making lots of money as a plumber, but then blamed his cutting himself on me making him mad"


posted some dumb ass claim on facebook, saying that the rich are trying to much us jealous and envy them. everyone is bullshiting everyone because no one really cares...those who say they care are liers.


i was shocked. i keep thinking. oh well, maybe he'll see the light tommorow and grow up.

but now he thinks that those that say they care are liers.


four years ago i moved out, i was tired of my parents telling me i needed to tell them where i was going at all times so they wouldnt worry, i was 21, i dont care to party, and they knew that. and the only guy i was hanging out with was the guy i wanted to marry.


so we left town. my husband asked for my dads blessing out of respect. and they basically told me i was hurting them.

that night....ben purposely slit his hand down the center, telling me later..."you get all the attention from mom and dad, its not fair."


he has so many problems, but to go on to face book, where many of his family are his friends, and tell us we are liers for careing for him...

i dont get it.

i care about everyone, no matter if i hate them.

if someone tells me that someone has died in their family or their having a bad day.

i care.

so does that make me a lier in his book.

really wish his cold hearted ass would get kicked out so he didnt live with my mom and dad.

they are already having problems in their marriage, and my dad hanging out with him, instead of living like a couple really chaps my ass and annoys my mom.

he doesnt even try to date. just gave his virgin ass up because his first girlfriend lied to him.

people lie...he really needs to get over it.

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The dude has issues
my dad just defended him saying "your taking this too personal, the world is a vampire out to get you"
really? really? both of them are parinod.
they think that they cant trust anyone but family, and from my experience...you cant trust those that fuck you over.
my dad being one of those.
gez, he cant even see that my brother has issues....
okay, lets do what weve always done in the barnett clan and ignore that our family is insane....
so glad i only have to deal with it once a year.
I don't think that everyone tries to screw everyone else; unfortunately, I think that there is a segment of our society that is happily taking the path of least resistance and excuses and blame are better that hard work and ambition.
high five!
ok. Your brother is fucked up. I mean, fucked up as in he's got serious problems and he needs serious help. Your parents sound a lil' fucked up too, just from what little I can glean from this lil' post here. It sounds like a circus of dysfunction. BTW you're not exempt from it either.

So what to do eh? As for your brother, if he is becoming a danger to himself and to others (and I say cutting on himself & blaming you for it is a serious red flag) call the police. They will take him to a psych ward and keep him for a few days, & it could be the start of him getting help...

Apart from that, stay out of the drama. It won't help you, or your brother, or your parents. What they do isn't your business. You're an adult, take care of your own issues and don't concern yourself with what your family does. Your parents are making their own decisions when it comes to your brother, as is their right.

As for yourself, get over it. Your brother has got problems, you don't seem interested in fixing him (not that you can), you sound a bit resentful that your parents are trying to help him out... but shit, he's obviously troubled, probably suffering from depression and who knows what else. If you're not interested in being a part of the solution then stay away from the problem and quit bitching about it because really it doesn't have anything to do with you. The shit he's doing, blaing you for cutting himself and whatever is just his way of getting your attention. Stop giving into it. Just stop. Ignore him and take care of your business. & if you can't... maybe seek therapy for yourself, it'll help you cope with the dysfunctional shit you came from.
wow, thank you for your comment. but you have to realize that family is family. and i get pulled into the drama by my dad. my mom, believes its time for him to get a life and get out of the house. "i dont seem interested in fixing him" really you really think that.?
no one can fix anyone else that doesnt want help
its clear he doesnt, he has gone to phycologist, for many problems, but dont assume im dysfunctional because of how my family is.
i dont give into his attention getting...my parents do.
im living 9 hours away to stay away from his shit.
but if someone tells me that im a lier for saying i care. then i will give them a piece of my mind.
i dont like being accused of being called a liar.
about the resentful part....they arent helping him out. my moms afriad of having an empty nest.
shes afriad of letting go of her children.
dude, get the whole story before you start sprouting out of your ass that im dysfunctional.
i have my life in check, and im normal compared to many of my extended family and my main family is more normal than they are......and my family is my business.
i really think he is scitzo like my uncle. hes so parinoid all the time, no one wants to hang out with him but my dad.
No offense but after reading the first paragraph natural selection came to mind.
? can you clarify?
Just the stabbing himself in the hand part.
i dont get how he justifys his actions. and i wish he would listen to his family and get a girlfriend or just a life.


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