Everything is without meaning, and that's alright

There is inherently no meaning in life

Camus says the only worthwhile philosophical question, is that of suicide. 

But not even he could think his own logic through to the end, he too leaps and gives meaning, claiming that the one is more worthwhile than the other. 

This is no praising of suicide, mind you. It is just so that inherently, there is no difference between the two in the aspect of meaning. 

Accepting this, is as if wandering through a great desert, forever thirsty, but with water within reach at all times. Drinking the water does not alleviate the problem, but it deadens the suffering. 

In lieu of the fact that the transcendant is gone, and we are in the times of Kali Yuga, what is one to do ? 

Well, nothing. All choices and "meanings" are viable, not because of equal merit, but rather in equal lack thereof. 

The hoax is this, accepting meaninglessness and denying it are both equally acceptable. 

Yet neither can truly reveal the state. 

It takes a most virile heart to thread the desert and deny succor within reach. 

For taking it, is merely stuffing the hole of the heart with filler, it is a hole that cannot be filled.

What is the sound of one hand clapping ? 

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How does adding layers change anything ? All you do is add complexity in the form of  "What created the creator ?" Etc. If we were to view a million spectrums, exist in a multitude more dimensions, all this adds is more observable things, but not an added "meaning". 

Personally, I still ascribe meaning to things here-and-there, but as the years roll by, it seems like my ship is sailing on a course that has little meaning outside of my own personal being. Yes, I do recognize others, whether they be human, animal, insect, plant, rock, mineral, or just plain dirt, in the various forms these things present themselves, but any perceived meaning seems to be a temporary muse of the moment.

I give respect where respect is due, but not based on any meaning beyond what social norms require. Call me jaded at this point on the timeline I presently reside, give me a few years to get back into some old habits. I still have my spiritual beliefs, but any real meaning is beyond my realm. Let those who feel the need to give meaning continue their quest. Maybe someday they will prove themselves to be the ones who know best.

Math and science are interesting, but beyond my aptitude except on the very basic level. They offer meaning to a certain degree. But more-often-than-not the heavy thinkers gifted with high-intelligence are changing the meanings they themselves once believed.

We are each free to choose what has meaning. It may be small or it might be big, like the tall oak tree and the tiny twig. Either can give a person some solace in life. But it is fair to say, that no meaning also has its day.

Holy crap. This makes the Stoic philosophy seem like light and love. 

People desire meaning, a reason, for their existence, for catastrophes. Extreme measures are taken in different forms to appease an angry or displeasured god/goddess. The following article is an example of extreme measures taken possibly to change weather patterns: Exclusive: Ancient Mass Child Sacrifice May Be World's Largest

Today people search for meaning in their lives and seek to give reason to every catastrophe both manmade and climatic. Mass shootings should be fought with new legislation. Man made climate change should be also. Meanings change, climates change, people change, it is all part of the game.

You have a cool grasp of philosophy and I like where you're going. I'm not entirely sure where you are directing this at, but I sympathize where I would rather empathize. 

I'm no superior in study. I do prefer a philosophy of kindness as found in Confucius and Aristotle.

Many days I wake and feel, "well, I've killed myself again; let's just try to make meaning again this time."


"...philosophy of kindness..."

A small child that had a NDE (near death experience) seemed changed after her NDE. She stated the meaning of life was to be kind to others.

no-thing has any meaning,

I agree, and as far as I'm concerned, and i don't speak for anyone else,  in the objective,  Of course not.....with the exception of what it means to it's leader, it's creator, or it's follower.

"What is the sound of one hand clapping ?" 

You know, I used to have that book. I don't know what the hell I did with it, I think I threw it away.

Because it had no meaning, ha ha ha.

"The sound of one hand clapping" is just my cheeky way of saying that the only way not to get crushed by the burden is to experience the now, without background chatter. 

How does meaninglessness and kidness conflict ? 

How could it be that a guy like you would ask such a question?

It's very simple, if it is kind, or even unkind, then it has meaning, at least to somebody.

If it's meaningless, then it doesn't matter if it's kind or unkind.. It's like everything is love, everything is light, everything is everything.

But what if it's NOT that way at all?

Then it REALLY becomes meaningless

1. The quality of being friendly, generous, and considerate.

1.1count noun A kind act.

‘it would be a kindness on your part to invite her’ 
According to the oxford dictionary. 
Meaninglessness is intellectual, emotions don't collide with the intellectual, they rather run parallel. So no, kindness in itself has no meaning, no more than love hatred or anything else, it is a reaction to things set in motion beyond our time. 

'So no, kindness in itself has no meaning, no more than love hatred or anything else,'

I think you would have a difficult time communicating that to a lot of people, even though, on some subliminal esoteric subjective level, I would agree that is a valid statement.

The trick would be to get those who cannot grasp that to understand the subjective "other side" of it.


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