We have a four month old baby boy at home(thank you!), and we don't get a whole lot of sleep. It's been very bad of late, since i got back to work. Everything is starting to feel really weird, what with the lack of serious rem time. It's like perpetually moving through a dream. I'm starting to wonder if i'm even real! Anyone else going through this or have done so in the past? Any anecdotes or wisdom to pass along?

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everything changes,
nothings stays the same

this too shall pass
enjoy the time
great magick can be done
when you are sleep deprived
just dont drive.......

co-bedding worked wonders for me and my son

many blessing to you and yours!
Pretty much whatthey said....
We've been doing most of the things that have been suggested, but getting an affirmation that we're on the right track is always nice. We haven't tried the lavender or any sort of aroma therapy, so that's one we'll have to check out.

Xander, our little boy, is just the angriest child i've ever seen! He was born a month early, weighing just five pounds seven ounces. I was surprised, as i was a cow when i was born (ten pounds, fourteen ounces! And i was delivered vaginally!!!). He was super easy to care for that first month. All he did was eat(about every hour or so) and sleep. Then, things started to change when he was a month old. He's a fighter. He fights going to sleep, he fights diaper/clothes changes, he fights feedings.

We did well with it, beings as we were both off work. Now, i'm back to work full time and the real struggle has begun. I'm an insomniac by nature, and i've been told i'm a stubborn creature myself. I guess the kid comes by those traits honestly! He rarely cries himself out, though we do let him try. There are times when he does, but it's about one in ten. He only tends to sleep about eight to ten hours a day, and he's fond of those twenty to thirty minute power naps. You know, just enough to have the energy for a good hour long fuss-fest.

I know it's going to get better one day, and i love and cherish these times, even being difficult. I just hope we still have some sembalance of sanity left when it does!
You'll also find that just before they hit a developmental milestone, or a growth spurt, they get fussy.
Have you tried wearing him? The only way I got any peace, or any housework done, was to wear my babies. Mine very quickly outgrew the little front snugli I had, so I just took a bedsheet and tied them to me in the front like African mothers do.
No, we haven't tried that yet. He's getting to where he holds his head up well now, so that sounds like a good option.
Is he getting enough to eat? My son would wake up hungry more often than he should. Finally I started putting a small amount of rice cereal in his formula before I put him to bed and it worked miracles.
Oh, yes, he gets a lot of formula. Right now, he eats between thirty to forty ounces a day. At first he didn't eat enough, but that rectified itself after a couple of weeks. His little stomach was sooo small!


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