I'm interested in your opinions about the following (lengthy) article: https://www.buzzfeed.com/jenhchoi/the-strange-true-story-of-my-uncl...

Do you think the author's uncle thought he was 'a chosen one' or that he knew he was doing something cultish?

Do you think S. Korea has a cult problem or just a 'fear of witches'?

Also, what do you think of the term 'shamanistic cult'? I thought that phrasing was a bit odd; I see the two terms to be on the opposite side of the spectrum.

And any other thoughts you might have.

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I think this is the result of a combination of an oppressive society mixed with a corrupted religious environment. In reading a book called “Spirits in culture, history, and mind” it dawned on me that possession can have a social function. When the missionaries and imperial control came to the Islands in the Pacific, they caused the society to become very oppressive. In the years after that change, possession become a common occurrence. The spirit intrusions actually allowed the powerless to talk back to authority figures without fear of retribution. There, exorcisms were under the control of either experienced local ‘Shaman’ or the Catholic church. The normal ‘cure’ was for an authority figure to apologize to the spirit. In the case of Korea, the religious institutional control has clearly broken down so any Idiot thinks they can do an Exorcism. With the chain of their Pagan traditions broken, and the chain of Christian tradition unformed or malformed, they’re just making stuff up, and the result is a bunch of dangerous practices with no understanding of what they’re doing. I’m sure the Uncle thinks he’s a Saint persecuted by the government for destroying demons.

I tend to agree with your overall post. I found it interesting that their religious culture is a mixture of christianity, buddhism and shamanism and about 58% of them don't identify with one religion over the other (or they don't put their religion down in paperwork, etc.) As far as making stuff up, who knows. They could truly believe in this or just be scamming people. Do you think the uncle was secretly part of a cult?

I don't think there was anything secret about it. The current culture seems not to really distinguish between a formal religion and a cult. It's hard to even declare any of them heresies if you can't pin down what's considered official. I have no doubt that they truly believed that they were carrying out some sacred duty. 

I agree. I guess it would depend on perspective then. For a rash example, I consider the Westboro Baptist Church to be a cult but I am sure many other people, not including the WBC themselves, do not think so; they just think they're radical. I am sure there are people who think pagans are all part of a cult as well.

I only ask about the uncle because, though I do not think he was part of a cult, it wouldn't be the first time someone completely led a false life and were hiding dark secrets.

When he started he didn't really have any dark secrets, but now he does.

True, I wonder if his current church knows of his past

First , a map of religious evolution I find interesting...



Then , to answer your question about a cult...

Any tradition is a "cult" until enough people are convinced

of the validity of its' beliefs , and practices to cause it to be

perceived and accepted as mainstream...

A shamanistic cult , is not an oxymoron , as shamanism is

based on knowing spirits , through contact with their realm...

It may be an individualistic practice , yet the idea of a group

as a cult practicing individually , is possible , or contacting the

same "pantheon" for want of a better word , of spirits , is as

well a possibility...

Then , in this situation , and discussion , given the information

provided , we are being shown one of the dangers of extreme

edges of two worlds merging , in religious paradigms...

One , charismatic Christianity , with ancient Shamanistic tradition...

Then , we are dealing with societal programs , and in the opening

case , the concept of the woman following the will of the husband ,

where if that is not done , it opens the door to further demonic chaos...

I disagree with Medb , on the "making things up" , in certain ways , ( though

I can see the political overtones possible , and how that can be used in certain

situations to render influence )...

Due to what I know from my tradition , which as I have said , is ancient , though

many may , and have disagreed...so be it...let me illustrate...


The bottom three symbols in what is called the god / father column

on the left , by sequence of letter value from bottom up , are a "F"

"U" , and "T"...

The whole column , by number value for the symbols , equals 391...

Shaman = 390

Yehoshua = 391 ( Hebrew for Joshua / Jesus )

Heaven / Sky = 391

The bottom two symbols in the column on the right ,

known as the goddess / mother column , are pronounced

"Dea" , and "Mann" / "Monn"...( thus "deamonn" , later "demon" )...

Thus the foot , especially the male foot , was seen to remove demons...

The whole column on the right , when fit together , makes the shape of

the human skeletal , or muscular system...the center two , in that column ,

would be the upper and lower diaphragm , and have a value of 240...

Belly + Demon + Gather / Collect = 240...

Thus a belief the demons gather in the belly...

There of course is far more , but I wanted to illustrate any

tradition's original intent , and "spiritual laws / rules / beliefs" ,

may be misread , and / or twisted into versions not for the


( this same code , when misread , led to the black men in

Africa , making love to virgins , to cure themselves , in the

early days of the Aids epidemic..."the further you get from

an original signal , the more distortion"... )

Funny enough , about another part of the article...

Where I live in California...

Within an hour of here , all three of the main cults

mentioned , had their beginnings , had communes , or

just lived here...the Moonies , Jim Jones , and Charlie Manson...

And , way back in the past , I was almost convinced to join the

Moonies , after a night with three of his very convincing female

converts...( true story )...*smiles*...

The main point here , is religion , politics , and belief systems ,

are all dangerous , and when mixed , can create a very potent

spell over human consciousness...

And those who know this , will always , if they seek power , money ,

and influence , will utilize these techniques to affect the psychological

states of the most vulnerable...

It is not new...it has been going on since the beginning of conscious life ,

just in different formats throughout time..."The Art Of War" is not just a

physical manifestation...look at what is going on today in our world...;)

Thank you for the info-graph, I did find that very interesting and was staring at it for a long time.

As for your runes/god/dess pillars thing, I found that interesting but was a bit confused by it. I am sure that was probably as simple as you could make it; it does sound complex.

You almost joined the Moonies? -giggles- I'd be interested in hearing what they said to you if you can remember.

I don't necessarily agree that every religion is a cult but to each their own.

What is a religion , before it is a religion ?

It is a small group of people , who believe something ,

different than whatever the status quo is at the time

and in that geomantic location...

Ie : a cult...

As far as what they said to me to try to

get me to join the Moonies...

Basically , did I want to marry a girl like them...

and have heavenly bliss , here and on the otherside...;)

That is true, I just have a different definition in my head of what a cult is versus what religion is. Though cults follow a specific religion or theology.

Well geesh, you are quite strong for not tempting that offer lol

Since you started this thread , Ariel ,

and I mean this in a good way , not

rude , why don't you tell us how you

would define a religion , vs a cult ?

See , to me , the natural progression is :




Now , here I am defining it by progression

into establishment and acceptance into

the larger population , and society...

I know this is "Wiki" , with it's problems , but

just look at what is said here...


Then , consider what about political parties , as social cults...

What about sports , sport figures , or even the one

known as the "Soccer Mom" cult ?

Is there a Twitter cult , or even more , Facebook ?

Was there a Steve Jobs cult ?

The cult of Buddha ?

The cult of Christ ?

The cult of Kali ?

The cult of Bob Dobbs , or Eris ?

Is the worship of Ganesh , or Lakshmi , a cult ?

What is your personal thinking ?


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