Its a pleasure to meet you all, I was raised Wiccan and having been on that path for 18 years. I find myself wanting to learn more about our community as a whole and I'm hoping to also learn more from like-minded brother's and sister's. Im attempting to dive deeper in divination, the power within my third-eye, astrology and Runic Magick. Once more, its a pleasure meeting you all and I hope that I can learn and teach what I know in return.

Blessed Be,
Dominic S. Azzarello

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So lineage Wiccan ?

Who were your parents initiated by , or what coven , if I may ask ?

( not a challenge , just wonderment )

Welcome , or shall I say :

Hail , And Be Welcome !

Enter In Perfect Love , Perfect Trust...;)

Teacher / Practitioner of the Ancient Religion , Faery Witch / Shaman ,

worked with Gematria , and Runic Magic ( both 29 and 24 systems )

for over 23 years , as well other methodologies and systems...

Third Eye ?

You mean the one mistakenly thought and modern day taught , at the forehead ?

The true eye is at the base of the skull , known as the goddess center , or reptile

brain ( R - Complex / Cerebellum , Pons , Medulla Oblongata ) , thus the one eye

the Three Witches share(d)...

However , it projects at a 26.5 degree angle , in each person to the forehead ,

passing through the Neo - Cortex , thus , when R - Complex and Neo - Cortex

are in synchronous vibratory frequency , what are called "Psychic Powers" are


You might find meditating on the Horned Goddess , to be stimulating to assist in that

linkage , from back of head to forehead...this relates as well , to the Naid / Nauthiz

rune , which is the *change rune* , often inscribed on the Witch's / Wietch's fingernail , 

as when repeated , flip flopped , and extended in a joined construct , forms a sine wave

yet as well , the shape of the serpent on a staff , or staff of Asklepius / Asklepios...

When turned on it's side that joined construct , defines the sine wave formation , created

during the witches circle dance around the fire , with joined hands , weaving up and down ,

while circling...

Does that help , for a beginning ?

You might also find it interesting the Grand Gallery passage in the Great Pyramid

is said to be at 26.5 degrees of measurement , and someone put into a trance

and laying upon a table , bench or slab , at 26.5 degrees of angle might just have

a sleep / dream experience worth recording


Merry Meet


( Or As We Say In The Old Faery Tongue )

*Mann An Ret Ret Eel * Mann An An Sdar *


Or If It Was Many , Many , Moons Ago ,

and I was with my water kin

I might part for now , saying may you never thirst


You Might Remember The Old C.A.W. Family And Green Egg Magazine



I Have Been Around A Little While




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