A friend and I came up with this idea for a "Fairy Class", for some kids in our local area. Here are some of my ideas:

1) What would I want the children to learn?
* About the seasons
* Respect for nature and life
* How to honor the God/Goddess
* How to honor the seasons/elements
* Respect for fellow Pagans
* About the Sabbats and Esbats
* Being comfortable with their beliefs
* Manners (if they need)
* How to vent frustrations positively and productively

4) How will the children learn the(se) lessons?
* Nature walks/time at the park
* Various arts and crafts projects
* Fairy tales about myths and legends
* Singing, simple chants
* Planting flowers and small trees

5) How will these lessons help them in the future (or in life)?
* When they are stressed, they will know how to deal with relieving it
* They will be mindful of the earth and that it is a living organism
* They will direct them on how to preserve the earth
* Tolerance towards other religions
* Tolerance to those that don't understand
* How to explain their beliefs to those that don't understand

6) How and why did I decide on doing this?
There aren't many opportunities (like this) for the kids. I think it will be a great experience to learn some different aspects of a/the Pagan life. In a sense, the class is like a Pagan Day Care. Also, I think it will be loads of fun to teach the children. It gives me the chance to learn and discover new things/lessons from them as well.

My Friend seemed to love these ideas, as a parent and as a teacher. If you have a child, would you be interested in something like this? Even if you are not a Pagan, would it be something you'd like your child to partake in?

Of course there are lessons that need to be set up and thought of, and more planning, but this is the general idea of it. I am not a parent (nor a certified teacher), so I'm not entirely aware of a parent's point of view (although my friend is a parent). I'd love to hear everyone's thoughts and views. Any ideas or changes you would like to see or add? And none of this is meant to be disrespectful, or insulting to anyone. I mean no harm, just good intent.

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I would love to send my kids to something like this and I agree with Holly, it would be great for Spiral Scouts!
YES! I wish my granddaughter could go somewhere like this!
Great idea! I like it better as a day camp, not as a day care. I actually wrote up a fairy ritual for a child to be able to do with their parent(s) last summer for a wicca class, but got very little positive response from that group. Not everyone sees that children can be involved in such a celebration. Glad to see that someone here does!!

Blessed be!! -Star
I must be honest and say, that I wasn't expecting so much support. I don't know why, I suppose I was too worried about offending someone. But I'm so glad that others enjoy the idea. Well, if anyone lives in the Turlock,Ca area, please keep your eyes and ears open for it.
Well, lets scratch the "day care" idea. What about having it every Saturday, or every other Saturday?
I was thinking about the camp idea, maybe having this once or twice a season?


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