My head is in the clouds, literally, the clouds are low and my town n lake are in the coulds, which I love, days like this. The pine tree needles all have dew on them, makes them look like strings of crystals. I love fog, the thicker the better, the way it mutes sound and the way it can seem to move, fog allows the imagination to run free, like being in a waking dream. For me I love to imagine Mannanan walking the world in the fog, taking in the chance to work his land legs and see what we're up to here.
So what's it doing where you are? And what about the weather do you like?

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We've been getting a lo of rain the past few days so things have been soggy and muddy here. However, it's just starting to get really cold and in the mornings everything has a layer of frost on it, which I love (Well...I don't love that I have to scrape my windows every morning now...) I love how it makes everything sparkle.

What's strange, to me anyway, is that people don't seem to see the wonder in it.  


We only get a handful of those glorious fall type days until the leaves are all blown away, seemingly overnight, or the weather has been too dry and instead of turning beautiful colors, they just turn brown and fall.

The grass is dried and dead and yellow, the days vary between 40 degrees at night and 60 degrees in the day, with occasional dips to 20 degrees at night and 40 during the day, but it alternates with no pattern.  Two or three cold winter like days, then it's nearly 80 degrees. Then back..

It doesn't feel like fall, it doesn't feel like winter, it doesn't feel like summer or spring, just blah days with the dull greens of the evergreens, the spiky bare branches of the trees, and the sad yellow grass.

I always wanted to live somewhere with 4 distinct seasons, but it looks like it isn't going to happen.

The same thing happened at my dads place, he has cottonwood and a maple variety, usually they go thru the golds and reds, but this year no show, they went from green to yellow and then dropped in a very short amount of time. 


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