I have noticed that divination is pretty much an all time favorite activity for pagans.  I have used many divination systems and I was wondering just what is everybody’s favorite system.
Just for reference I have used…

Tarot cards…
Psychic reading…
Crystal Balls…
Spirit Boards…

I have used a few others that I just can not think of at the moment.  So, what is your favorite system, or what are you really good with??

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I've used Tarot and runes, but my favorite has been the Celtic Tree Oracle.
I've made my own by inscribing the Ogham 'notches' onto little square tiles (that look very similar to scrabble tiles!), and putting them all in a bag, like my rune stones.
Half the time I don't even use the tiles...I'll admit. I'll just take the omens as I run across their real-life counterparts. Like noticing a large concentration of oak trees in an area....or having a crab apple hit you in the head!
I'm big into reading Nature's symbolism...and big into trees!
Tarot. Astrology. Runes. Reading signs (tea leaves, animals, water, etc). Dreams. Palmistry. Numerology. Probably in that order...ish...
i use water or mirros, they are my favorite
Tarot and Pendulum are my favorites
Tarot, Runes, and Astrology. I tried the Pendulum, but it seems to always try and trick me lol
Tarot mostly, because it gives you more than one image and so is less vague than some of the other methods. I also get images, past, present, and future, that stream themselves through my head sometimes or show up solitary and get stuck there, but that's not intentional so I wouldn't really call it a method. I've tried picking up other methods but tarot seems the most accessable and reliable to me. That and palmistry, which I would trust more if my hands actually had all the lines mentioned (my right hand is missing two of the major lines, my left hand one).
Mostly just use the Tarot.
Tarot and pendulum...
I read sometimes in coffee dregs. Not often, because Americans don't like Turkish-style prepared coffee, lol. But you are right, it can give amazing results.
Someone on international council of Satanists posted this:

44 Ways of Looking Ahead(just a sample of them all):
Aeromancy-Observation of atmospheric phenomena
Alphitomancy-By the swallowing of a specially baked barley loaf
Axinomancy-Stone balanced on a red-hot ax.
Austromancy-Study of winds
Botanomancy-Burning of briar or vervain branches
Cephalomancy-Boiling of a donkey's head
Ceromancy-Observation of shapes formed by dripping melted wax into water
Chalcomancy-Interpreting the tones made by striking copper or brass bowls.
Chresmomancy-Utterances of a person in a frenzy
Crommionmancy-Observing the growth of specially prepared onions
Daphnomancy-Sound of burning laurel leaves
Felidomancy-Behavior and actions of cats
Floromancy-Study of flowers or plants (divinatory way, not to be confused with botany)
Gelomancy-Interpretation of hysterical laughter
Gyromancy-Mutterings of those exhausted by wild dancing
Halomancy-Casting salt into fire
Hippomancy-Observing the gait of horses in ceremonial procession
Ichthyomancy-Examination of fish, living or dead
Lithomancy-Reflection of candelight in precious stones
Lychnomancy-Watching flames of three candles form a triangle
Macharomancy-Swords, daggers, and knives.
Margaritomancy-Action of a charmed pearl in a covered pot (no, not while drinking a margarita, sorry folks LMMFAO!)
Metopomancy or Metoposcopy-The lines on a person's forehead
Myomancy-Sounds, actions, or sudden appearance of rats or mice
Nephelomancy-Movement and shape of clouds
Oenomancy-Color, appearance, and taste of wines. (Yay, you get to drink while divining!)
Omphalomancy-Contemplation of one's own navel (belly button)
Oneiromancy-Interpretation of dreams and night visions
Onychomancy-Reflection of sunlight on fingernails
Ophiomancy-Study of serpents
Ovomancy-Studying shapes formed by dropping egg whites into water
Phyllorhodomancy-Sounds of rose leaves clapped against the hands
Podomancy-Study of the soles (bottom) of the feet
Scapulomancy-Markings (naturally formed, I'm guessing) on the shoulder bone of an animal
Sciomancy-Size, shape, and changing appearance of shadows of the dead
Selenomancy-Phases and appearances of the moon
Sideromancy-Shapes formed by dropping dry straw onto a hot iron
Splanchomancy-Examining the entrails of sacrificial victims
Sycomancy-Drying of fig leaves
Transataumancy-By events seen or heard accidentally
Tyromancy-Coagulation of cheese
Uromancy-Inspection of urine
Xylomancy-Interpreting the appearance of fallen tree branches or observing the positions of burning logs
Zoomancy-reports of imaginary animals, such as sea monsters

And there's also Haruspicy, which is examining the innards of a sacrificed chicken. This is most common amongst the Gurung people, farmers living in Nepal. The shape and color of the chicken's lungs may foretell sickness or good fortune. There's also Hepatoscopy, or "liver gazing".

The Dogon tribe of West Africa divines in two ways: On the fifth day of the Dogon week (which is also the last day of their week), the fortune tellers will throw a few cowrie shells into a basket and divine from that. Or, for major inquiries, they will trace patterns into the sand, and they leave it up to sand foxes to divine the message. The sand foxes are thought to be the earthly emissaries of Ama, the Dogon supreme god. The Dogon then throw peanuts onto the patterns in sand, and judging by how the sand fox(es) have walked across, they divine their message from that.

Basically, if it can be examined by science or the human eye, then there's most likely a divinatory form of it.

Phrenology went the way with times, it's not really common, but a few will use it. It does generally tend to be off anyhow. But when it came about, you have to remember, the 19th centruy (1800-1899) was full of inventions and other such things, and people have always been fascinated (and skeptical) of methods of fortune telling. Some forms of divination, like that of the Dogon, is older than old, while some, like phrenology are relatively young. With any of these ( come on, Uromancy-urine? really?), it helps to take a grain of salt with them.
Pretty in depth.

Personally I like the idea of dreamwork because it seems your subconcious is more open and you can learn from it but I tried it a couple times and my dreams are fucked up! I usually only remember fragments-and even they're blurry! and they're all mixed up and often make no sense. My dreams are a bitch to analyze but of course it doesn't help that my brain isn't wired like "normal" people.(I use wired as an analogy because wires carry electricity and the brains activity is partially electrical, so if the electricity is different the psychology is different and mine is way different)-I'm basically legitametly crazy, if the average person spent 5 minutes in my brain thinking my thoughts they'd probobly kill themselves lol, and yet I function-usually....I digress! The point is I'll bet my psych issues-I don't need to elaborate, at least not in this thread, cause my dreams to be fucked up!
I use the Hanson Roberts Tarot Deck. It was gifted to me 20 years ago. I have a collection of decks.But the Hanson Roberts is the only deck that speaks thru me.


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