SPRING is in the air and many of us live in areas with some GREAT festivals,in the parks,woods,back\yards even! If one is not near you,do your own,even if it is just a few of you! Check the listings in your area /state for Celtic and Scottish Festivals,lots of those around and Pagan friendly. What is in your area/state/town/city? Feel free to share!

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The pagan community is woefully underfunded in my area.

I went to a Pagan Day celebration a few years back, excited to find a like-minded group.  But whoever hosted it didn't do it again and there hasn't been once since.

Then I went to a Samhain Ball later hosted by a new group and they were actually close to my house and had their own meeting hall and land. I was excited to follow up with them, but by spring, they'd closed down.  Then I went to an open circle a year or so ago but it was at someone's house and one person there was loud and obnoxious and dominated the entire conversation. I didn't go back.

Now, I'm on the list of another pagan group who holds gatherings on the Sabbaths, but everything is potluck, and I haven't yet investigated where they meet to see if it's worth driving across town.

We have Scottish and Irish festivals, but seeing as I'm neither and the cost to get in is high, I tend to pass them up and just go to the Renaissance Faires when they hit.

What a drag...In our area there are several pagan groups, Green Bay, Wisconsin I have been thinking about hosting full and new moon circles as a way to solidify into a more cohesive group the different folks that either don't fit or cannot make the other gatherings. potlucks are great and fairly easy to organize, but I'm also a stagehand and would need someone to co-host with me when there are shows that keep me away.

Sounds like a great idea,hope it works well for you. We are fortunate where I live to have quite a few events,but even a small get together,at a home is nice and empowering too

Our Scottish fests are very Pagan friendly,hopefully you can check them out.Quite reasonable on the East Coast.$10 or less a day pass,usually.

Wow.  Our prices here are $28 for a weekend pass. The one day pass is $20

We just had a FREE one in Williamsburg,guess location......bummer,that is pricey by you,agree

If you're located in Hampton Roads VA, the annual May Moon Festival is May 1-3, 2015.

that looks like amazing fun!

The Traveling Shamans is planning a weekend Shamans Camp this summer in Hotchkiss, Colorado. It is scheduled for July 26th - 28th. It will be held at Tipi Haven in Hotchkiss. They are listed on both airbnb and HipCamp. 

There are lots of Pagan camps and festivals here in the UK, especially if you are more drawn to all things fae related as these in particular seem to be very popular and taking off big-time across many regions.

My block to attended them all is sadly mostly financial, ticket prices are going through the roof (I do understand why, it costs a lot to put them on so it's often, although not always, justified) and when you add on travel costs and accomodation etc, it is expensive, and my income is going through the floor.   For instance, this years' Greenman is £189 per person!  Ouch.

I also have physical disabilities which prevent me from accessing many of them, I can no longer camp under canvas as I did when I was young and uninjured.  I need to sit far more than stand,  fall over a lot on surfaces that slope or are uneven or gravel etc, and I constantly need and quick easy access to proper bathrooms, not portaloos,  so all of these things make it impossible for me to go to them.  

For those in the UK looking for the list of what's on's, I reccommend the website called e festivals  


If it's more the one day mind spirit body type events, there's Merlins Diary  http://www.merlinsdiary.com/

If you get to a festi this year, I hope it's the best ever!  I will enjoy watching highlights on telly from Glastonbury and one or two others in the comfort of my own home.


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