what is your fetish?
and for the sake of Pagan Space PLEASE KEEP IT CLEAN

and please do not send them to me privately -

this is JUST a topic of discussion.

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Since this is a (sort of) Pagan forum, your use of the word "Fetish" is ambiguous. Which kind of Fetish do you mean? A pack of Tarot Cards is a fetish in the religious sense. A garter belt is a fetish in the sexual sense. A lingam statue could be both.
true I have a strong feelings when it come to my tarot cards, I have 16 decks and there are three more I WANT RIGHT NOW. THEY ALL MAKE ME HUM AND BUZZ, i SLEEP WITH THEM. THEY SHOW ME FEELING AND MOVING PICTURE AND STORIES. IS THIS A FETISH?
I really appreciate that you instructed members to keep this topic clean but I have to be very cautious of this type of content being on this site and because of that I would prefer not to have fetish topics in the forums because they constantly have to be monitored and because the subject usually brings about various content that I just cannot allow.

Once again, many thanks for being concerned about the discussion staying in the proper format, I really do appreciate that.

Many thanks and I hope you're having a beautiful week.



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