Hey, all! I've been looking into finding my magickal name for rituals and ceremonies, etc. I can't seem to find any inspiration. What are some possible ways to combat this? How did you come up with yours?

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You could try anagraming your own name.

We had someone who specialized in this but she's no longer here.

I hadn't thought of anagramming. I tried numerology briefly and I'll have to try again, but anagramming is definitely something I'll try out. Thank you!

I do pagan names for people, maybe I will start a forum to do that, but I just joined so it will be a bit

I did thats how I got  Cypriana Terrane

Choosing a magical name, choosing a pagan name, do a google search on either of these terms and you will get a ton of ideas.

Personally, I prefer a name that is not too revealing of myself, if you are going to use it in public anyways. If you belong to an inner circle or house, and trust everyone, you can use your magical/pagan name around them. Keeping your name secret offers a layer of protection from psychic attack.

Anagram is a good idea like William suggested. Anagram offers a way to choose a name with meaning along with maintaining a connection to the numerology of your birth name.

Picking a name associated with an entity, spirit, character, deity, mythological creature, animal, plant, or whatever, happens often. Ultimately it is what feels right to you.

I chose mine from inspirational dreams and visions.

I'm making a big list of different plants, animals, stones, etc., that could possibly give me inspiration. I'm hoping it helps! Thank you!

Names are Power sources - so choosing a magickal name or Spiritual name very much resonates on the same principle - when it is spoken it resonates a force, energy - intent.

Your physical being carries traces of Ancestrial energies - often bore by the parental linegae...take your Surname - Maraccini... the base coming from 'Maracci' which derives from 'trade of chisel' (the "maracci" are chisels of Sculptors).

In fact Crowley in one of his Magickal text  remarked on the Power of the Sculptor::>
"If it be the studio of a Sculptor, he shall so Chisel from himself the marble that masks his idea that he shall be no less a master than Rodin".

When One expands that - many a Divinity is created in Stone...and like all aspects - when something is 'set in Stone', it is completely decided and cannot be changed.

Same with a magickal/Spiritual Stone, once it is created and decided it cannot be changed...it becomes a existance of Self....

Names 'set in stone' - can never be forgotten...a good example is this Etruscan Goddess - unknown until her name was found in stone...Her daughter was Menrva, stemming from a Moon Goddess, (indigenous to Italy and might even be of Etruscan origin), Meneswā 'She who measures'.

So from the ownership of one name - your Surname - Maraccini - you can now birth the Spiritual Name - Meneswā.


I never knew that about my name, I've always wondered! Thank you, that helps a lot! :) 

Yes your magical name has to resonate with your beliefs and can take some time before you find it.

I come from an Arthurian tradition in beliefs, and Merlin always reminded me of Daedalus the Minoan architect of the Labyrinth. I noticed that in welsh Merlin is written as Myrddin, pronounced Mer-thin, but if you look at it from an English pronunciation I see Meridian. This is my magical name.

I've read that some people take a year or so to practice before trying to find theirs. Perhaps I'll do the same :) Thank you!


My name came to me by way of a book I read about 5 or 6 years ago by an indie author.  It was the names for the two main characters in the book, but at the same time they kept resonating with me, and I identified with both the Raven and they mythical Pegasus.  The two names together just kept calling to me when I didn't realize I was looking for them.  I know this doesn't help you find yours, but sometimes you just have to keep paying attention to words that jump out at you because those are the words that are sent for you to use on your journey in some way. 

Good luck and may you have patience!


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